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Is TV the right channel for my product?

Not every product is suitable to be sold on TV so how do you know whether TV is the right channel to market and sell your product?

Check out these 10 questions to assess TV suitability:

  1. Is your product demonstrable?
  2. Does your product offer instant gratification?
  3. Does your product have a compelling story?
  4. Does your product create an impulse?
  5. Does your product solve a problem?
  6. Does your product have clear consumer benefits which stand out from the crowd?
  7. Does your product create an emotional need?
  8. Is your product easy to use and understand?
  9. Does your product have the potential to make the customers' life easier?
  10. Does your product appeal to a wide consumer base?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, you should consider TV as a potential channel of distribution.

The best place to start is to attend the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference held each year in June in a different European city.

Conference first timers looking for a fast track introduction to the industry can register to take part in the Business Speed Dating Event in which you are guaranteed short meetings with key industry players.

Register for the 2019 Budapest conference here, either as an attendee or an exhibitor