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EMMA Award Nominations now entering the Hot Phase.

The first EMMA Award winners (2016)- (L-R) Alexander Chacon (EHS), Maja Umek (Studio Moderna), John Mills (JML), Isabelle Fournier (ERA Europe), Julian Oberndörfer (ERA Europe), Katharina Schneider (Mediashop), Dr. Sergei and Oksana Mazourik (Sankom). © 2016: MKC-Totalmedia Wien.

Nomination Proposal Deadline is 15th January 2017.

Calling all remaining nomination proposals for the 2017 awards!

The EMMA Awards honour networks, suppliers and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity and reward outstanding achievement in the Home Shopping Industry.

We are now entering the nomination 'hot phase'. Please make sure you submit your nomination on time for the best awardees for the 2017 Emma Awards. Note: To be eligible to receive an award, the proposed nominee must be a member of ERA Europe. Proposals can be made by anyone, even a non-member. To help you structure your proposals, we have prepared a “proposal form” but this is not a formal requirement so any way you want to recommend someone is welcome.

Please consider the outstanding achievements which have crossed your path and let us know by January 15th 2017.

Download the EMMA 2017 Proposal Form

The 2016 categories were:

Best Consumer Orientation

The award was presented to Sankom for the Sankom Patented Bra Accepting the award on behalf of Sankom was Dr. Sergey Mazourik who was later joined on the red carpet by Oksana Mazourik, CEO of Sankom.

and the winner is...sankom.jpg
sankom at the press wall.jpg

Best Innovation

The award was presented to Media Shop for the Pure100.

Accepting the award on behalf of Media Shop was Katharina Schneider, CEO of Media Shop.

and the winner is...mediashop.jpg
Katharina Schneider at the press wall

Category for Best Communication

The award was presented to EHS for the show presented by Chef Juan Sánchez for the Sarten del granite.

Accepting the award on behalf of EHS was Alexander Chacon, President of EHS.

Photos: © 2016: MKC-Totalmedia Wien

receiving the award is...Alexander Chacon.jpg
Alex Chacon gives interview.jpg

Category for Multi-Channel Champion

The award was presented to Studio Moderna for the Dormeo Warm Hug Set.

Accepting the award on behalf of Studio Moderna was Maja Umek, International Sales Director.

Photo left: © 2016: MKC-Totalmedia Wien / Photo right: © 2016: A.Justice, ERA Europe

and the winner moderna.jpg
Maja holding award high.JPG

Lifetime Achievement Award

Indisputably, the highlight of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement AwardThe Lifetime Achievement Award is an award which honours one individual who has made a substantial contribution to the Home Shopping Industry and who has been instrumental over time to the growth of the industry.

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 was awarded to John Argus Donald Mills, the Founder and Chairman of JML who started JML in 1986 in Camden Town, London. Today JML employs 250 people and has over £100 million in sales through global retail distribution, TV home shopping and e-commerce sales. This year the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Having received the award, John gave a very warm and moving acceptance speech. Sharing some of the personal experiences he made through his long and impressive career, was a touching moment for everyone at the event.

and the winner is...john mills.jpg
john is interviewed.jpg