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ERA Global Board of Directors 2021 - 2023

ERA GLOBAL is pleased to announce the appointment of its new board, elected at the June 2021 Annual General Meeting for the term of 2 years. The new board is a true reflection of the global focus of the association, with its directors representing the interests of European, Asian and American companies in the international multi-channel and home shopping industry. Dieter Schneider was appointed by the Board as the new Chair of the association and formally took post from 5th of October 2021, succeeding Ken Daly, who had served since June 2019.

Dieter Schneider - CEO MediaShop Holding Group, Austria, and ERA GLOBAL Chairman

Dieter Schneider, co-owner of Mediashop Group, which is invested in various sectors. Dieter Schneider was CEO of Mediashop Holding GmbH from 2006-2012. In this role he had overall responsibility for the management, strategic and financial matters of the company. In 2012 he changed into the role of strategic advisor. After his studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Dieter started his career in 1993 as CPA and certified taxadvisor with a medium-sized consulting firm, where he is still CEO and partner.

Ken Daly - CEO of JML UK and ERA GLOBAL Treasurer

Ken Daly is CEO of JML, the UK based innovative consumer product group with global sales through retail distribution, ecommerce and TV home shopping. Ken joined JML in 1994 shortly after it had been formed, initially in a sales role, following a background in electronic engineering. Ken then held a variety of positions helping to lead the company’s expansion, becoming CEO in 2012. Amongst other business interests, Ken sits on the Advisory Board of Roxi, a British music streaming company. Ken is currently acting Chairman of ERA Global, having previously been Treasurer and a Board Member since 2012.

Andrew Malcher - Founder and Executive Chairman, Brand Creations Group LTD

Andrew Malcher is a successful serial entrepreneur who has founded and successfully sold a number of DRTV, Retail and broadcast businesses. These include the American Shopping Network, The Golf Channel UK and JJB Sports TV. He has over 25 Years experience in the DRTV industry. In 2008 he co-founded High Street TV – a Global Multi Channel Retailer innovating, sourcing and selling lifestyle brands. The Group owns five 24-hour shopping Channels in the UK and trades in over 40 International territories. Recognised four times in the prestigious Sunday Times fast track awards as one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, and International sales/export success. Operating as Group Chairman for 12-years, he now acts on the Board as a non-executive Director and advisor. Recently, Andrew has founded a new company in Brand Creations Group LTD which focuses on the acquisition and development of new products and brands sold via all B2B and B2C channels around the world, driven primarily through Digital and DRTV content.

Andy Latimer - CEO and Founder Blue Water Media, USA

As CEO and founder of both Bluewater Media and Zahalo, Latimer is a true market leader across the board. In the beginning, he led the way in creative and production, being the first ever end-to-end, fully digital studio in the state of Florida. As the market shifted, he led Bluewater Media through the evolution in direct-to-consumer strategies, becoming a leader in the digital, social media, and influencer marketplace. With a focus on the future, Latimer has effectively taken the reigns in the digital marketplace through the creation and implementation of fool-proof formulas and strategies, that can produce consistent results, like the evolution of viral to broadcast campaign model implemented to make products like Kid Rock’s American Badass Grill a huge success.

Eric Golani - Co-founder, TV Products HK Ltd, Hong Kong

Eric Golani is one of the co-founders of TV Products HK Ltd, which was established in 1995.  He has been one of the pioneers in the company’s growth and development over the past two decades. Starting as a regular trading company, TVP is now a global all-in-one OEM, Sales and Distribution Company for major brands in the DRTV Industry. Eric has been focusing on international sales since the very beginning of his career and has excelled in forming core business relations with major International DRTV Companies. He has been the visionary behind the launch of the HERCULES Program, which focusses on simultaneously launching DRTV Products to clients all over the world, at competitive prices, before any copies hit the markets. Today, there are 45 members from around the globe who are part of this group. TVP as a group has a very unique way of operating. Employing more than 100 staff, TVP is still a family-controlled company. From very early on, Eric involved his very close and trusted friends in the running of TVP. Recently, all these friends have become shareholders in the company. This unique idea ensures the entire team, from the factory floor to senior account managers are financially motivated for any project to succeed and reach its full potential. Eric over the past few years is spending more time meeting with inventors and product developers, collaborating with them on new creative ideas.

Jason Kong – President, Global Home Shopping, China

Jason Kong is a master, senior editor, senior economist, EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and visiting professor of Sichuan University. He is also a “Four Batches” talent of the Propaganda Department of the Committee of the CPC, member of the National Youth League, National Advanced Worker, Advanced Individual of National Public Service Advertising, and one of the National Top 100 Theoretical Workers. He is a senior media worker, and author of Profit Models of Media, which is regarded as the first book revealing the key to the success of media business. He is the former vice president of Guizhou TV Station, former president of Jia You Home Shopping Co., Ltd, and managing director of China Media Capital (CMC). Now he serves as the president of EFIM Holdings Co., Ltd., president of Global Home Shopping Co., LTD., and president of Beijing Read TV Technology Co., Ltd.

Jeffrey de Veer - Managing Partner IMRA, The Netherlands

Jeffrey is Managing Partner of IMRA - and SI Music and iTV Media. IMRA delivers back ground music for free for all short and long form content/infomercials and offers a global business model for every partner they work with. IMRA also focuses on media buying in some countries via iTV Media. Prior to heading up IMRA, Jeffrey worked for more than 9 years at a private/commercial broadcaster (RTL) and started iTV Media in 2006.

Jon Gregory - Managing Director, Oak Lawn Marketing International, USA

Jon Gregory is Managing Director of the Oak Lawn Marketing International, based in Chicago, although Oak Lawn's revenues are mainly derived from their operations in Japan. During the time of ERA in the U.S., Jon was a very active figure on the Asia Committee. His unique combination of roles and experience gives Jon an incredible perspective on the global opportunities and challenges facing our industry.

Mateja Luštek - COO Studio Moderna, Slovenia

Mateja joined Studio Moderna when the company was still a single-channel company. Studio Moderna has faced amazing growth in the past 19 years and Mateja has been a big part of this success. The first milestone in Mateja’s carrier happened in January 2006, when she was appointed Managing Director in Bulgaria. After putting all the puzzles together and finding the right local person to take over the job, she returned to Slovenia and became a Regional Director. She was successfully managing several Studio Moderna’s markets from Baltic countries to Balkan, delivering results in all markets. Recognised for her qualities, she has become, on top of her regional executive director position, the COO of SM. Since then, she has made significant improvements in the inventory management, providing the company with better liquidity. She has led improvements in many processes involving IT, supply chain, stock management, back-office communication and other.

Philip Bouldstridge - Founder & Managing Director ISL Group, Spain

Philip has been leading INDUSTEX, S.L. as its Managing Director since 1991. In 20 years he expanded and converted INDUSTEX into the flagship of ISL Group, a family of companies with offices in 11 countries and operations in more than 60 countries worldwide. Philip has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the University of Southampton. He is the inventor of several patents and utility models.

Poonam Khubani - President TeleBrands International, USA

Over the past three decades, TeleBrands has given the world some of the most exciting inventions, devices, and gadgets. Remember the PedEgg? That’s a TeleBrands product and it’s sold over 50 million units worldwide. At the helm of the company’s global expansion as the President of TeleBrands International, Poonam Khubani has established herself as one of the top female business women in direct response retailing. Under her leadership, TeleBrands has expanded its reach over 100 countries globally. Telebrands is one stop shop for global marketing of new and unique products. She spearheads the infomercial, manufacture and sales of products on TV as well as through web and retail stores and ensures that the product realizes its full potential.

Dr. Sergei Mazourik - Chairman of the Board, Sankom, Switzerland

Dr. Mazourik, MD, PhD is an abdominal and orthopaedic surgeon, with over 30 years of practical and R&D experience. He has more than 100 scientific publications and about 100 patents in different countries. Dr. Mazourik is author of numerous books. His worldwide bestseller “Intuitive Nutrition. How to Get Guaranteed Weight Loss” was translated into 18 languages and successfully published and republished in many countries. Dr. Mazourik is also a Founder and General Director of World Health Nutrition Organization (WHNO) SA, Switzerland (

Sergio Myers – CEO, Surging Media, USA

A noted digital commerce executive, Myers is recognized industry-wide for his marketing, production and creative acumen. In addition, the Surging Media senior executive has amassed numerous prestigious advertising and marketing industry awards for his impressive body of work. Headquartered in Florida, Surging Media Group ranks as a leading provider of short form and long form production for international product distributors and manufactures, as well as the production of testimonial and product demonstration videos for television and digital media channels. The creative and marketing powerhouse is behind countless long and short form infomercial campaigns on behalf of high-profile clients in such key DRTV categories as Cookware, Home health care, Floor and carpet care, Food storage solutions, Electronics and mobile solutions, Pet products, Small appliances, Kitchen tools and gadgets, Lawn and garden, Beauty and Fitness.

Sylvie Mouradian - Product Marketing & Editorial Director, Stars Group France

With more than 30 years experience in the DRTV business, Sylvie is currently Product Marketing & Editorial Director of Stars Group France (HSS, Teleshopping, Euroshopping, Best of Shopping). Her career began in 1992 in the DRTV business, introducing Ktel Inc in France as the Managing Director of the French subsidiary. She then went on to hold various positions including retail developer, senior buyer and merchandiser, and experienced live shopping when she joined the 24 hour Belgian network in partnership with HSE24 where she was responsible for the Jewelry & Collectibles categories and Event Planning. She also joined the HSS team, working on the launch of their 24 hour home shopping channel.

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