The Electronic Retailing Association


Awarded for outstanding product sales through short form clip

Judging criteria for this category are amongst others:

  • Clear, comprehensive and compelling explanation of product features and qualities
  • Convincing explanation of special USPs
  • Appeal of pictures
  • Sound and motion flow
  • Overall presentation
  • A successful sales story

Nomination #1: Multi-Tool

Product: Multi-Tool


Country: SPAIN

Reason for nomination

Power, pace and versatility define this commercial. The image is self-explanatory: at a glance one can see the product's function and effectiveness. Clear, direct and concise; convince the viewer that with Multitool we can all be masters of DIY. Say goodbye to all those tools: with Multitool you will have them all in one. A real smash hit from EHS.TV

Nomination #2: Clever Hangers Advertorial 'Spazio'

Product: Clever Hangers Advertorial Spazio

Company: HSE24

Country: Italy

Reason for nomination

This commercial introduces sharp and strong need-based storytelling in a playful and rhythmic message

Nomination #3: Shirt Organiser

Product: Shirt Organiser

Company: Surging Media

Country: U.S.

Reason for nomination

Fulfils all the judging criteria

Nomination #4: Hairless (Emson)

Product: Hairless (Emson)

Company: Surging Media

Country: U.S.

Reason for nomination

Fulfils all the judging criteria

Nomination #5: Swiss Joy Socks

Product: Swiss Joy Socks (in collaboration with Telebrands)

Company: Sankom

Country: Switzerland

Reason for nomination

The 2 minute clip touches on all the main aspects of the patented socks, demonstrating their efficiency with persuasive real life before and afters and their unique patented functionality with modern eye-catching 3D video segments. The overall clip is professional, welcoming, and offers a solution to a very real problem that many people face on a daily basis. The target audience is clearly defined and present in the video, showing real life relatable examples and scenarios to the viewers at home, and how the SANKOM Swiss Joy Socks can help improve their quality of life. SANKOM Swiss Joy Socks have also undergone extensive third-party clinical trials, proving their efficiency and to back up every claim from leg pain relief, varicose vein reduction to breathability. The SANKOM Patent Socks boast an incredibly high sales conversion rate and customer satisfaction rate, with repeat orders from customers.

Nomination #6: Dormeo Warm Hug

Product: Dormeo Warm Hug

Company: Studio Moderna

Country: Slovenia

Reason for nomination

The 'Warm Hug' has been a bestseller for the past 5 years, selling close to 2 million units. The 'Warm Hug' became a synonym for a blanket and the Christmas gift-giving season - the Best Gift Ever! It has become a collectible item. The product has a strong emotional DRTV spot. It is loved by customers around Europe and has countless comments, shares and likes on social media as well as participation in the local spot as testimonials.

Nomination #7: Maxi Climber XL

Product: Maxi Climber XL

Company: Inova

Country: U.S.

Reason for nomination

Fulfils all the above criteria

Nomination #8: 5 Minute Chef

Product: 5 Minute Chef (Telebrands)

Company: Teleshopping

Country: France

Reason for nomination:

Super successful infomercial and live show. Was the Teleshopping product number one in 2018