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Honouring innovation and excellence in product development

Judging criteria for this category are amongst others:

  • product is an invention rather than modification
  • offers unseen features
  • new features provide real value add
  • bestseller in its market or impressive market entry
  • product meets high quality standards
  • unique design with protected IP / patent

Nomination #1: Clever Tray

Product: Clever Tray

Company: GD Import - Genius Ideas

Country: France

Reason for nomination:

A simple and relatively cheap item. But a never seen before problem solver.

Nomination #2: Octasmart Topper

Product: OCTAsmart Topper

Company: SMBI Ltd.

Country: UK

Reason for nomination:

The Octaspring Topper is the only topper to contain the globally patented Octaspring Technology. A multi award winning aerospace technology that is the only true innovation in the sleep industry with 6 million units sold in 40 worldwide markets. OCTAspring provides unrivalled features and benefits within the topper application, the smart 3 body zones made from different firmness OCTAspring springs create optimal support and the OCTAvent air system is proven to be 8x more breathable, cooling your bed by 3°. The Smart Performance cover also has hundreds of comfort pockets to give better air circulation. An independant sleep study showed you will fall asleep faster, sleep longer and also have deeper more restful sleep.

Nomination #3: OCTAsmart Mattress

Product: OCTAsmart Mattress

Company: SMBI Ltd.

Country: UK

Reason for nomination:

The OCTAsmart Mattress is the only mattress in the world to use the globally patented award-winning OCTAspring aerospace technology. OCTAspring technology is the only true innovation in the sleep industry and is unrivalled when compared to other mattress in a box products with 6 million units sold in 40 worldwide markets. The OCTAsmart Mattress has revolutionised the sleep industry - The OCTAvent air system built into the mattress is proven to be 8x more breathable, cooling your bed by 3°C. The Smart Zoning brings different firmness zones that are designed to help create better support for your back, hips and shoulders which allows your spine to take its natural shape. The Smart Performance cover has hundreds of comfort pockets to give better air circulation. An independant sleep study showed you will fall asleep faster, sleep longer and also have deeper, more restful sleep.

Nomination #4: OCTAsupport 8 in 1 pillow

Product: OCTAsupport 8 in 1 pillow

Company: SMBI Ltd.

Reason for nomination:

The OCTAsupport 8 in 1 is the only multi-functional support pillow to be powered with OCTAspring technology, with at least 8 different uses. The patented foam spring technology transforms it from a conventional roll cushion into an ultimate comfort machine. Utilising the OCTAflex 3-layer support system, the 8 in 1 provides personalised support, 8x better pressure relief and is 8x more breathable -  through its natural air circulation. Its environmentally friendly too, using 50% less material and leaving less CO2 emissions. OCTAspring technology has been integrated into aerospace (first class seating), winning several awards - Crystal Cabin, Edison, Apex and the Yacht & Aviation awards to name a few. The technology has a worldwide patent and is successfully sold in 40 markets worldwide in our sleep products, with over 6 million units sold. Named among 50 game changing innovations by Entrepreneur magazine.

Nomination #5: OCTAsupport Seat Cushion

Product: OCTAsupport Seat Cushion

Company: SMBI Ltd.

Reason for nomination:

The OCTAsupport seat cushion, due to be launched in June 2019, uses globally patented and multi-award winning OCTAspring® aerospace technology. The Smart Zoning works to help reduce tension and distribute weight across multiple comfort points to improve circulation and give cushioned support to the sensitive area under your knees. The seat cushion has 2 sides giving 2 levels of support and multiple benefits - the comfort side gives instant muscle relaxation while the active side promotes active sitting, builds core strength and gives a massagng effect. Proven to be 8x more breathable for a cooler, more comfortable experience. The technology has a worldwide patent and is successfully sold in 40 markets worldwide in our sleep products, with over 6 million units sold. Named in 50 game changing innovations by Entrepreneur magazine.

Nomination #6: Tiara Shower Cap

Product: Tiara Shower Cap

Company: Tiara Bliss Inc.

Country: Canada

Reason for Nomination:

Women don't wash their hair every day. Shower caps are becoming a massive necessity for all women who are looking to make their hairstyling last longer. There are more products on the market that are helping women achieve the goal of not washing their hair every day. There is a global environmental movement that is looking to stop the daily consumption of plastic. Offering a reusable shower cap to the market is a great way of complying with market needs and wants. Customers are looking for reusable, machine washable, quality products.

TIARA Shower Cap® is revolutionizing the Shower Cap world. No pinch Luxury Shower Cap - innovation at your hands - patented. The comfortable band and plush terry cloth inner lining, ensure your hair stays completely dry, while eliminating frizz and humidity .

Dual Function: 1. Keeps women’s hair completely dry in the shower 2. Reversible for hair masks. When applying hair mask, the eco-friendly fabric getswarm with your head temperature allowing hair treatments to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and fully nourish the hair.

Main features: No pinch, patented design that offers no elastic on the forehead, Terry lined, Comfortable, machine washable, hand-printed, reusable / eco-friendly

Nomination #7: FITT Cube

Product: FITT Cube

Company: Highstreet TV

Country: UK

Reason for Nomination

This product was created to offer a truly innovative and unique training tool designed to be all you need for a fast, total body workout, no matter your age,gender or fitness level. We have designed the ultimate, easy to use, one stop 'HIIT Kit'. A 'ready to go', no assembly, home fitness product that is compact, affordable, strong, durable (gym quality metal) and a versatile product to provide cardio, strength, toning, flexibility, endurance, power training all with one machine. We've created a self-contained registered design, patent-pending multi-gym delivering an effective, total body workout in minimal time, with minimal space requirements.

FITT Cube was specifically designed for multi-functional total-body workouts. It's one piece of equipment to maximise all aspects of your fitness and we took 10+ pieces of fitness equipment and combined them all into the one FITT Cube. FITT Cube has an in-built calorie and step counter to help you track your progress, resistance bands, a mini stepper, a padded twisting seat and a plyometric platform all included. Its a versatile work-out tool, perfect for those with limited space or who can't get to the gym.

FITT Cube offers you an exercise regime that you can slot into your busy schedule, as it takes only 15 minutes a day, three times a week to get started. Complete with the easy to follow FITT 15 program which you can download online, the FITT Cube will help you to make the most of your workout and help you to get fitter, 15 minutes at a time. There's more than 100 exercises to target every muscle in your body. The FITT Cube also comes with a free downloadable app with 8 video hit workouts. Available on iOS/Android/playstore.

We launched our unique FITT Cube on Kickstarter and it achieved its funding goal within 4 weeks. The product excitement resonated with the press and gets fantastic reviews from our retail customers. There's nothing else like it in the world. FITT Cube provides all your fitness needs in one cube. It's the new shape of fitness!

Nomination #8: Fashion Collections 3D Motion Graphic

Name: Fashion Collections 3D Motion Graphic

Company: HSE24

Country: Italy

Reason for Nomination

For elevating the standard of a TV shopping catwalk and building customised animated environments.

Nomination #9: Modern Fun

Name: Modern Fun

Company: Shark Shopping

Country: China

Reason for nomination

This is a special programme for 'Modern Fun' - its the fashion trend proposal type for the F/F season. Its different from the normal programme for fashion - differentiation of stage design and the autumn fashion trends.

Nomination #10: Sankom Patent Socks

Product: Sankom Patent Socks

Company: Sankom

Country: Switzerland

Reason for nomination:

The SANKOM Patent Socks are a unique patented product that has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation!

Developed by Medical Doctors in Switzerland, the SANKOM Patent Socks help alleviate common leg problems such as heavy and/or swollen legs, varicose veins, muscle soreness, etc. The SANKOM Patent Socks are a completely new patented invention, and the technology used is available nowhere else in the world! They are the only socks in the world to combat the cause of poor blood circulation with its patented 4 line step-by-step, active graduated compression technology, solving a health issue experienced by a large number of men and women of all ages all over the world. The SANKOM Patent Socks have also undergone extensive third-party clinical trials, proving their efficiency and to back up every claim from leg pain relief, varicose vein reduction to breathability. Overall, the SANKOM Patent Socks have a great sales record and boast an incredibly high satisfaction rate, with repeat orders from many customers worldwide.

Nomination #11: BMB

Name: BMB

Company: MediaShop

Country: Austria

Reason for nomination:

BMB is the revolutionary, patented, multi-award winning algae and mold remover that eliminates the root of algae and mold deeply and without a trace. BMB is a well-known professional product that is now, for the first time ever, available for B2C customers exclusively via MediaShop. Instead of just a superficial removal, the BMB algae and mold remover eliminates the root of algae and mold deeply and by extracting all toxins out of walls and wood without exception. It is suitable for in- and outdoor use, leaves no toxic residues behind and is biodegradeable.


Nomination #12: fridgedoc®

Product: fridgedoc®

Company: PhytoLife Nutrition GmbH

Country: Germany

Reason for nomination:

Germs, mould spores and bacteria are all naturals. However, if they get stuck in the wrong places and multiply, they become dangerous for fresh or unpackaged foods such as meat, dairy products, or vegetables. In any case, they reduce the shelf life and quality, in the worst case, germs can cause health problems. The resulting need for cleanliness in refridgerators, refridgerated rooms and refridgerated transporters is often a challenge. U.S. scientists have discovered an average of 11.4 million germs/cm2 in refridgerators in normal households. By comparison, a toilet has only about 100 different pathogens. Many of the approved hygiene and cleaning agents also require exact handling from dosage to application. Side effects and in particular a strong smell and an impairment of the products can hardly be avoided.

Due to its easy handling and gentle efficacy, fridgedoc® food protect is the alternative for all those who store food safely without effort. The system eliminates 99,9% of all germs, prevents recontamination and this extends the freshness and quality of the goods by up to 25 days.

Nomination #13: Ona Grace Patch

Product: Ona Grace Patch

Company: PhytoLife Nutrition GmbH

Country: Germany

Reason for nomination:

Its time to say goodbye to injections and creams with the new powerful, luxurious anti-ager: the ONA GRACE Patch. Each patch contains hundreds of microstructures made of CLHA (cross-linked hyaluric acid). When applied to the face, the microstructures gently and slowly dissolve beneath the skin. It works like a small injection but under the cosmetic regulatory. The delivery of CLHA maximises the effectiveness for visible enhancement of the skin's plumpness, suppleness and uniformity. Besides CLHA, our patches contain other important ingredients with additional benefits. Professional results, without the effort and without breaking the bank.

The technology has a worldwide patent, brand has IP protection and meets the highest quality standards in the market in production and product safety. Recently the technology was launched in China, Germany and Korea, the product portfolio includes different ingredients and can be used for the following segments: wrinkle reduction, dark circles, anti-acne, anti-pigmentation and others.

See video above for the delivery mechanism and video below for a demonstration of how the product works