The Electronic Retailing Association


Awarded for excellence in product quality and supply

Judging criteria for this category are amongst others:

  • great product (IP protected, USPs, ESPs)
  • competitive pricing
  • fair delivery and payment terms
  • on-time delivery
  • super-efficient account management
  • friendly, helpful, reliable, flexible, responsive service
  • sales support e.g. marketing material, certificates
  • supplier works as a partner

Nomination #1: Sankom Switzerland


Founded in 2003, SANKOM Switzerland focuses on developing functional award-winning clothing (SANKOM Patent Bra, SANKOM Patent Socks, SANKOM Patent Shaper) that have health benefits and are aesthetically flattering on the body. All SANKOM products are patent protected and have been developed by a team of doctors & fashion designers to bring the best of both worlds to you! The SANKOM Switzerland team is dedicated to provide world class customer service and tailored solutions to all of its customers, all while offering flexibility and competitive pricing.

At the head of the SANKOM Client Support Team, Alexandra Bogdan and Roberto Sanchez work closely with each individual client to meet their needs and special requirements, supporting them as best as possible with all matters regarding compliance, supporting documentation, videos and infomercials, custom translated materials, social media content, photos, artwork, guidelines, product & sales training for hosts and call centers.
SANKOM Switzerland strives to offer products to it's clients that are unique and patent protected, making sure there is close to no competition.

With SANKOM's unique market approach with patented products, dedicated and thorough client support, competitive pricing and flexibility, SANKOM Switzerland would be an ideal nominee for the EMMA for 'Best Supplier' 2019.

Nomination #2: MediaShop

Mediashop logo

MediaShop is nominated as Best Supplier because of its great products, great USPs, competitive pricing, fair delivery and payment terms, stock availability immediately for all bestsellers of MediaShop's own developed and 3rd party products. The international team consists of Thomas Gros, Gernot Katzgraber and Emre Orhan. The team is superefficient, extremely flexible, reliable, friendly and helpful and offer great sales support and work as a partner.

Please download the presentation pdf below for more details