The Electronic Retailing Association


Awarded for outstanding live product presentation

Judging criteria for this category are amongst others:

  • clear, comprehensive and compelling
  • explanation of product features and qualities
  • convincing explanation of special USP
  • outstanding programming e.g. creation of sales event
  • counter-programming vs. World Cup etc.
  • competent and convincing presenter / presentation
  • appeal of pictures, sound and motion flow
  • overall presentation
  • a successful sales story

Nomination #1: Rovus Handy heater

Product:  Rovus Handy heater

Company: Studio Moderna

Country: Slovenia

Reason for nomination

Great sales results, we did already many adaptations/prolongations of the show with different offers

Nomination #2: Sankom Patent Bra

Product: Sankom Patent Bra

Company: Sankom

Country: Switzerland

Reason for nomination

The uniqueness, versatility and amazing benefits of the SANKOM Patent Bra make it an incredibly successful product for live shows. The product co-creator and expert, presents the product in an excellent manner, demonstrating all the functional features such as back pain reduction, posture improvement and push-up effect. As a host, Oksana Mazourik is extremely pleasant and relatable, sharing her own personal experience as well as expertise about the SANKOM Patent Bra, leaving no potential questions unanswered. She is well versed in the patented technology used in the product, and can explain it in simple terms that make if easy for the audience to understand why the SANKOM Patent Bra is like no other. The overall feel of the live show is very genuine and relaxed, yet also incredibly interesting. With the easy going, yet convincing presentation style by Oksana of the SANKOM Patent Bra, the product's patent-protected uniqueness, life-changing features and benefits, and high sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction, the SANKOM Patent Bra Live Show is an ideal nominee for the EMMA for Best Live Show 2019.

Nomination #3: Valentina Andreatini presenting Lisa Hoffman Perfumed Jewels

Name: Valentina Andreatini presenting Lisa Hoffman Perfumed Jewels

Company: HSE24

Country: Italy

Reason for Nomination

For the ability to storytell fragrances through Haute Couture outfits

Nomination #4: World Cup

Name: World Cup

Company: Shark Shopping

Country: China

Reason for nomination

World Cup trophy edition with high value to commemorate the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This special broadcast makes the atmosphere of the World Cup product even more attractive.

Nomination #5: Compact Cook Elite with Pierre Dhostel, Valérie Pascale and Laurence Peraud

Product: Compact Cook Elite

Company: Home Shopping Service (HSS) (M6 Group)

Country: France

Reason for Nomination

This show is a 65 minutes live show aired on National TV, a special show 100% focused on our current Best Seller in Home Shopping in France, the Compact Cook Elite, an all-in-one cooking machine that can cook, melt, sear, stew, steam, mix, chop, stir, knead, beat, whisk, and grind! Whether you are new to cooking, or an expert, the Compact Cook Elite will allow you to cook like a Chef, at an incredible price! It cooks for you and deals with everything without surveillance thanks to its 34 AUTO PROGRAMS. You spend less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying delicious home-made meals and pastries with your family and friends. Even the apparently most difficult recipes are a breeze with the Compact Cook Elite: risottos, creamy soups, stewed meats, mashed potatoes, choux puffs, delicious breads, brioches and all sorts of sauces, creams and desserts, you cook everything easily and quickly with the Compact Cook Elite! With already 70,000 pieces sold in France in only 6 months, the Compact Cook Elite has been a best seller since it was launched in March 2018, and a strong community of users has emerged on social media, where people exchange tips, recipes, and pictures of the foods they prepare with the Compact Cook on a daily basis.

This particular 65 minutes show presents in details every functions of this smart multi-function product. Each Compact Cook disposed on the desk contains a different recipe and is meant to illustrate a different function or AUTO program, to show the viewer a maximum of the Compact Cook's possibilities. Our 2 guests do all along this hour-live show live demos of recipes in the Compact Cook to surprise and astonish the viewers, like for example a home-made sorbet made out of frozen raspberries in only 3 minutes live, a brioche made in only 2 minutes, or a pastry cream made in only 12 minutes by the Compact Cook Elite alone. Successfully shooting such a show, with live cooking demos, to demonstrate a product that has 12 functions and so many possibilities, is a real performance in terms of organization and planning to prevent any failure of the demos during the live show, and to ensure that only efficient images are shown and no unnecessary time is lost. Everything must be timed to the minute to ensure that the cooking times are properly set up for each machines, and to ensure a dynamic and rich show from the first minute to the last. This show also features testimonials of customers who already purchased the product and share their positive experience to recommend the product. These customers are of course real customers selected among our clients. This show is a reference in terms of sales efficiency: this is the 1-hour Compact Cook Elite show that currently generates the most sales per airing, and the best net margin per minute.

Nomination #6: Weekly Saturday Event show

Show: Saturday event show on TF1

Company: Teleshopping

Country: France

Reason for nomination:

Teleshopping's most successful live airing. Its a 2.20h show on TF1 shown every Saturday of the year. These shows have a high sales performance and are entertaining to watch as well.