The Electronic Retailing Association


Awarded to best multi-channel home shopping presenter

The ballot is now closed. The winner will be announced at the EMMA Awards conference in Budapest.

Judging criteria for this category are amongst others:

  • presenter’s credibility
  • credibility of product features and quality
  • outstanding show performance in sales
  • outstanding show performance regarding entertainment
  • social media and multi-channel presence
  • social and public activities, e.g. charity support
  • charisma / generation of positive vibes with audience
  • other outstanding activities in media

Nomination #1: Fangfang Teng and Yunhao Wang

Presenters: Fangfang Teng and Yunhao Wang

Show: Beauty

Company: Shark Shopping

Country: China

Reason for nomination

The Beauty presenters, Fangfang Teng and Yunhao Wang, propose a solution for female customers to become prettier in a special show for the beauty category. They share customer concerns and find answers with a participatory programme with live customer participants. They mingle with customers and show fun and joy with the product.

Nomination #2: Oksana Mazourik

Presenter: Oksana Mazourik, Sankom

Oksana has presented on the following channels: ABC, FOX, NBC, TF1, TJC, ShopLC, CitrussTV, MangoTV, ALO Shop, SharkShopping,

Product presented: SANKOM BRA (among many others)

Reason for nomination:

Oksana Mazourik delivers the message clearly, highlights all product benefits and engages the audience to generate a call to action and sales. Oksana has presented on many channels internationally in different languages. Oksana’s presentations are charismatic and the shows she hosts are entertaining to watch.

Nomination #3: Josef "Pepi" Rössler

Name: Josef "Pepi" Rössler

Company: MediaShop, Austria

Country: German speaking countries and translated in a dozen languages

Reason for Nomination

Josef "Pepi" Rössler has been nominated by MediaShop, Austria, for Best Presenter 2019.

Pepi Rössler is a well-known professional in the Teleshopping industry. He started his career in 1999 and since then has appeared in well-known TV shows in the German speaking area. Pepi Rössler has constantly increased his status as the TV celebrity chef due to his specialisation in the kitchen and kitchenware sector. The infomercials with Pepi Rössler can be seen on around 50 TV channels worldwide now and are translated into about a dozen languages, including Hungarian, Japanese, French, Turkish, Arabic, etc. In total he has had around 4000 live broadcasts and has been the host of 32 infomercials.


Nomination #4: Georg Stiels

Presenter: Georg Stiels

Product presented: Fashion - Helena Vera and Gentlemen Selection

Channel: HSE24, HSE24 Extra and HSE24 Trend

Country: Germany

Reason for nomination:

From monk to fashion expert: Five million pairs of women's pants sold at HSE24 reveal Georg Stiels to be a true hidden champion in the European fashion business. Stiels has spent a total of 4,000 hours live in front of the camera at HSE24 since April 25, 2005. He presents HSE24 women's clothing brand Helena Vera as well as Gentlemen Selection, the first all-round menswear collection — and with great success, too: Helena Vera is the most successful own-brand fashion range at HSE24. Over 13 million individual products have been sold to date. The Gentlemen Selection collections that Stiels helps to develop and design and also presents on HSE24 have enjoyed much success since their launch in 2013 thanks to the 53-year-old's fashion know-how.

His résumé is as surprising as it is impressive: Georg Stiels, who was born in 1965, studied theology and philosophy and lived as a monk for a time — until he discovered his passion for fashion. The trained women's and men's tailor, who lives in Munich, has held many inspiring positions with well-known brands during his career, including product manager at Escada. He has been impressing customers at HSE24 with his great technical expertise and charming demeanor day after day for almost 15 years now. In his presentations, he always attaches great importance to providing competent advice to the audience in an entertaining way while imparting his own love of fashion. Customers value him as an authentic expert as well as for his personable and approachable manner. He keeps in contact with his fans and gives personal insights behind the scenes on his social media channels (Instagram and Facebook).


Nomination #5: Marie Ange Nardi & Alex Devoise (together)

Name: Marie Ange Nardi & Alex Devoise (together)

Company: Teleshopping

Country: France

Reason for nomination:

Famous presenters for 10 years - they are the joint hosts of Teleshopping's most successful live airing. Its a 2.20h show on TF1 shown every Saturday of the year. These shows have a high sales performance and are entertaining to watch as well.