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Industry News C. & E. Europe: Studio Moderna's stories of employee recognition, motivation and brand engagement

by Marjeta Dimnik



Even the best employees stop performing well when they are not motivated enough. A good motivation and recognition of someone's work are essential for company's success. When employees feel they and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

The Golden Agent trip, the annual international gathering trip is a great way of showing appreciation and recognition of the extraordinary work of the best call center agents in Studio Moderna – a way to show them loud and clear they are valued, what their contributions bring to the table, and just how important they really are in making a defining difference to the company's bottom line.

Studio Moderna Golden Agents

This spring more than 70 best agents spent fabulous 4 days in Berlin, visiting remarkable places, meeting colleagues from other countries and spending quality time together. Bojan Lah, International Telemarketing Director.

Golden Agent trip is not only a unique opportunity to spend time together and enjoy the company of fellow friends, but also an opportunity to reassure a strong dedication to success and Studio Moderna's core value - We deliver.

It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring effort every day, that's where the transformation happens. That's how success occurs. Happy celebration to our 9th generation of Golden Agents! We are so proud and grateful for their everyday efforts.

Suzana Šilec, Direct Sales Director

Studio Moderna Delimano Day


Delimano day is an internal event organized for Studio Moderna employees to celebrate healthy and easy cooking with Delimano products. The first event of this kind was organised in June in Ljubljana offices, while the concept is planned to be rolled out in all Studio Moderna markets across Central and Eastern Europe. The stars of the event were Delimano brand, its products and delicious food. The employees from different departments rolled up their sleeves for 2 hours of cooking and prepared a full 8 course meal for everyone present at the event.

All the kitchen equipment used during Delimano day was from the wide range of Delimano products that make cooking so easy and fun - Delimano Air Fryer, Compact Cook, Nicer dicer quick, Perla table grill and gridle, Multipractic 7in1, Pancake maker and many more.

I really believe that the best brand ambassadors are employees. This is why this kind of happenings are so important for the brand. All who work on Delimano brand already know that our products are very easy to use & clean which brings pure celebration in your kitchen. By organising events like these, we want to spread the excitement for Delimano brand across the whole company and bring it closer to all Studio Moderna employees. The wonderful aromas, plenty of excited taste buds in our offices and delicious meals proved that with Delimano products we all can be the real master chefs in the kitchen!

Vesna Virant, Brand Director of Delimano brand



In 2018 the first internal Studio Moderna hackathon took place. It was open to all employees who wanted to contribute ideas and create new projects with their own unique set of skills. One of the winning groups developed the idea of internal employee engagement project called Date with a Boss with a focus of creating the opportunity for employees to meet, learn from and network with Studio Moderna senior management. It was crafted to be a unique learning and networking experience for employees where one can openly ask questions, discover how the management team runs business and lead their teams, what drives them, and more … as well as where one can also share her or his own challenges, suggestions and insights.

In the beginning of this year the pilot project was rolled out, implemented in practice. Employees were invited to choose one of the Directors and apply to attend Date with a Boss with her or him. In the application form they stated why they were applying and what would they like to learn and get out of the meeting with the chosen Director via Date with a Boss project.

The participants described the experience as very positive, the project dates enabled them to get to know the senior management team better:

“I really enjoyed my Date with a Boss experience and will definitely re-apply when opportunity arises. I got more insight on how the company functions, plus I gained additional leadership and soft skills…”

“Date with a Boss project enabled me to get to know better the personality of the directors, their view on the company`s past and potential development as well as the operation perspective, challenges and leadership models used within their teams.”

“Super event, exchanging thoughts, experiences and perspectives.”

“It was quality-spent time in open discussion about the business and connections, communication, projects between the departments.”