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Industry News France: Major move in the French DRTV market

Tf1 closed the sale of its French DRTV Business

At a time when the distance selling business, and hence the DRTV business is changing fast, TF1 group, the leading European Television network has decided to concentrate its efforts on broadcasting programs, and leaving the operational side of the Home Shopping business to an external partnership.

Tf1 therefore closed the sale of its French DRTV Business, Teleshopping, to its former CEO, Jerome Dillard, on April 11th, 2019.

The deal included a new 5-year broadcasting contract for the home shopping shows developed and aired by Teleshopping on 5 major TV channels in France, including the daily morning show on TF1.

The TF1 decision was made easier by the profile of the acquirer as Jérôme Dillard has the adequate experience for managing such business, having run this business both for TF1 and earlier on, for M6 the other private media group, for an extended period of time, and with a clear track record of success.

The future of Teleshopping, beyond its success in DTRV, will include looking at all development opportunities, be it internationally or in France, through partnership or acquisitions, in the DRTV business or related business opportunities.