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Message from Judith Williams: Winner of the EMMA for Business Personality of the Year 2019

The EMMA (ERA Europe Multi-channel Multi-screen Award) for the Business Personality of the Year 2019 was awarded to Judith Williams, who is described as both visionary and entertainer and who is the founder of the most successful brand in European Home Shopping, which comprises more than 800 products from the beauty, jewellery and fashion sectors and impresses more than 1 million HSE24 customers.

Since 2014, Judith has also demonstrated her flair for trends and entrepreneurial vision as a jury member on the VOX show 'Die Höhle der Löwen', the German equivalent of 'Shark Tank'. With her expertise and entrepreneurship, she helps entrepreneurs to succeed.

Judith is also patroness of Female Entrepreneurs of the Future, offering female entrepreneurs of the future practical advice and leading workshops. She is also committed to getting involved in social projects, serving as SOS Children's Village Goodwill Ambassador since 2009 and as an Ambassador for the Josep Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

Within the last ten years, Judith Williams has written a unique success story and is celebrated as one of the most successful personalities in the German-speaking homeshopping landscape.

Unfortunately Judith could not be there to accept the award in person as she was live on air in Germany but in Budapest to accept the award on her behalf, were Manuel Reinalter and Daniel Gufler, both from Cura, Austria, and Ansgar Kessemeier, HSE24, Germany.

Judith sent the following message to the ERA Members, the ERA Board and the EMMA guests attending the ceremony:

Video Transcript

Hello, and a beautiful evening I wish you all in Budapest.

I wish I could be there with you tonight, but I am live on air here at Home Shopping Europe in Germany.

My career in home shopping started many, many years ago and I remember as if it were yesterday as I stood next to people, next to different brands, and selling their products with the same passion that I'm allowed to sell my products from my company today to many, many, millions of customers around the world in the Home Shopping Industry.

We have extremely exciting times ahead of us, the moving picture is ruling, and what a wonderful chance for all of us to step into it.

I thank you very much for the acknowledgment of the board of the ERA, that you chose me as the Business Personality of the Year.

Thank you and I wish you all a bright, and wonderful, and innovative future.

Judith Williams