The Electronic Retailing Association

ERA Europe: An Association in Transformation to ERA Global

ERA Europe has come a long way from being an affiliate of ERA U.S. After the demise of the ERA U.S. organisation 13 months ago, ERA Europe is now in full transition to becoming a global association - ERA Global.

This development began under the leadership of our former Chairwoman Maja Umek and our newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ken Daly, is putting all his energy and weight behind completing this transition.

Budapest, 18th June 2019: The 2nd ERA Global panel discussion on the State of the Global Industry with the same high level representatives as last year from Europe, the Americas and Asia. New on the panel, John Yarrington from the PDMI, our co-operation partner in the U.S.

ERA Global

The Electronic Retailing Association Europe Asbl.

ERA Europe is the only existing non-profit association representing the interests of the multi-channel home shopping industry and direct to consumer business. Our members come from Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Australia and are active all over the globe.

Starting last summer, we have strongly focused on reconstructing and reshaping the global industry network and we are currently in the middle of the transformation from ERA Europe to ERA Global. Our clear focus is to maintain and strengthen the global structures for the upcoming years to ensure that the global industry community remains as one.

Rebranding: Planned Change of Registered Name to ERA Global has been initiated

According to its statutes, the registered association name is the Electronic Retailing Association Europe / ERA Europe. It is the understanding of the association to represent the global multi-channel home shopping industry. By a board decision, ERA Europe will brand its communication and activities, as far as legally permissible, as ERA Global and has initiated the necessary steps to change the registered name accordingly.

Commitments and Member Benefits at a glance


A global industry network

As ERA Global we will ensure that the global industry network survives and is developed further via new and existing events.


European Summer Conference and Member Discounts

We will continue to organise an annual European summer conference in June with its international attendance and we also ensure that our members have access to other global conferences in the U.S. Our members enjoy discounted rates on admission fees for partner events.


Annual Membership Meeting

Our members are invited to attend the association´s Annual Membership meeting, not only to exercise their member rights, but also to get actively involved in the work of the committees for Public Affairs, Self-Regulation and Membership & Conference and to network with their industry peers.


Quarterly e-newsletters

We regularly provide current industry information to the global community via our quarterly e-newsletter, ad hoc email communication, as well as through our social media presence on LinkedIn, FB and Instagram. Additionally, we provide information resources on our website in the Members Only section.


Industry code of conduct

All our members agree and adhere to an industry code of conduct, which is monitored by an external Self-Regulation Officer. This industry standard was introduced to create consumer trust in our business model. It ensures consumer rights and consumer protection, showing that our members not only respect but highly regard these values. Another benefit is that it prevents regulators from imposing unnecessary and business harming sanctions on our industry.


European Governmental Affairs

An originally European non-profit organisation, we currently offer European governmental affairs work to ensure best conditions for our members when conducting their business. Through our own activities as well as our membership in the European trade association EMOTA (the European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association), we deliver important knowledge to all our members (European and International) and help shape policies affecting the TV, Internet and Mobile direct-to-consumer industry. The recent revision of the AVMSD (Audiovisual Media Service Directive) almost interdicted teleshopping on TV! At the very last minute, ERA Europe was able to make the European institutions understand the consequences of their legal phrasing, thus preventing a catastrophe for our industry. Our focus in 2019 has clearly been to achieve fair and balanced P2B (Platform to Business) regulations and to ensure that these are fairly imposed on our industry players.


UK Chapter

For our UK members we have a UK Chapter – the chapter represents the industry at national level and holds a seat in the BCAP committee of the Advertising Standards Authority.


APAC Chapter

At the 2019 Multi Channel Home Shopping Conference in Budapest, we celebrated the inauguration of the ERA Global APAC Chapter. The APAC Chapter has been introduced to be a discussion forum between the association and its APAC members as well as attendees at our events. The forum will enable the association to understand the specific needs of our Asia Pacific members and to better act on behalf of this group.


Industry Awards (EMMAs)

This year, for the fourth time, we presented the highly acclaimed EMMA Awards (ERA Multi-Channel Multi-Screen Awards) to member companies for their outstanding achievements in our industry. ERA Global is the only association worldwide that awards its members for outstanding achievements in the multi-channel home shopping industry.


Educational Congress (MCMS)

We provide educational opportunities to members so that they can further expand their knowledge of our industry and related trends. We host the annual MCMS (Multi-Channel Money Streams) Congress, which brings together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss the current and future challenges facing the Multi-Channel Industry.


First Timer Business Dating Event

To embrace and integrate our new member companies, they are featured in our industry news. Additionally we host a “First Timer Business Speed Dating” event at our conference, which guarantees relevant meetings with the established and important industry players. Through our social events e.g. at our conference or membership meeting, we provide excellent networking opportunities to connect with future business partners.

Further Information:

The scope of our activities is determined by our members and our Board of Directors.

Members of our association are more than welcome to actively engage at the General Member Assembly, to participate in our committee meetings and even to join our Board.

An important step in the direction towards becoming ERA Global was the inauguration of our APAC Chapter at the 2019 Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference in Budapest.

ERA Global is discussing a close co-operation with the Chicago Inspired Home Show (formerly the Chicago International Home + Houseware Show) and is examining a similar co-operation in Asia.

We have concluded a new global transatlantic alliance with the PDMI (the Performance Driven Marketing Institute), a U.S. based non-profit association, to provide access to their U.S. trade shows at members rates.

We now have members from five continents and are currently in discussions with companies from the Indian subcontinent who may be next to join our global family. Already today our member companies are active in countries all around the globe.

For more further information, please contact us directly or browse our websites listed below.