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New fashion ads and Apple Watch App

QVC focuses on fashion competence

Earlier this year, QVC launched its modern fashion and lifestyle campaign “QVC zieht an.”* to highlight its fashion competence and showcase a range of appealing individual looks for female customers. The successful campaign was supplemented with new, high-impact visuals for the fall/winter collection. The new looks pick up on the original campaign visuals to ensure a high recognition effect. This time, though, the advertisements all feature the same model and incorporate the slogan. Studio shots with monochrome backgrounds delivered a consistent look and even higher quality images.

Although this new campaign is the continuation of the spring campaign, QVC wanted it to be more independent and the brand to be more recognizable.

The ads were published in a selection of German media including “Bild der Frau,” “Bunte,” “Brigitte Woman,” “freundin,” “Für Sie,” and “Gala” in August. (*A play on the German word “anziehen” which means “to dress” as well as “to attract”.)

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