The Electronic Retailing Association

Message from Ken Daly, Chairman ERA Global

Ken Daly, CEO, JML and Chairman of the Board, ERA Global

Dear ERA Global Members, Dear Readers,

Christmas will soon be upon us and this is a critical time of year for lots of ERA members.  Many of us expect to experience sales in December that are several times that of an average month and, of course, we will try and find a moment for peace and goodwill as we spend time with our families. 

As the pace of change in the world of commerce is increasing all the time, this Christmas, more than ever, we need to be absolutely ready to reach and serve our customers with the best products and the best service in every conceivable channel, from social to bricks and mortar, websites to TV.  Some platforms are declining at alarming rates whilst others are growing fast and we all have the challenge of responding to these seismic shifts. It’s both daunting and highly exciting at the same time.

ERA Global exists because together we are stronger and to ensure we can all be successful by trading and networking amongst our fellow members. We buy and sell products to and from each other, we share ideas and information, we launch partnerships and at our events there are a whole host of activities and benefits to be had as well as a great deal of fun!

We have a superb history that started nearly twenty years ago as ERA Europe. Over recent months, we have been transitioning to become a truly global organisation with numerous companies joining us from outside Europe. As well as strengthening the organisation and providing a global perspective, this expansion is allowing us to review everything we do with the aim of providing more services and more value for your membership dues.

We are looking forward to 2020 with enthusiasm and a good deal of optimism, although we shall all first want a strong last quarter of 2019 under our belts. May I therefore take this opportunity to wish you a highly successful trading period over the next few weeks as well as a very happy Christmas.

Best regards,

Ken Daly

Chairman of the Board, ERA Global