The Electronic Retailing Association

Committee Bulletin: Self-Regulation Review 4Q19

Report from the Self-Regulation Committee

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By Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE), ERA Europe's independent Self-Regulation Officer

2020: B2B Review of the Self-Regulation Programme reflecting the transformation of ERA Europe to ERA Global

As a result of our new structure and strategy in 2019, we are reviewing the Self Regulation process, putting particular emphasis on our new membership structure as we are welcoming new members from all over the world and not only from Europe as in the past. Given different standards and business practices in different markets outside Europe, we have to implement a “fit-for-purpose” Self-Regulation process reflecting these developments. Our overriding goal is to provide all our members – irrespective of their markets - with an effective and functioning dispute resolution mechanism. Compliance with EU standards is part of this programme.

A vast majority of our ERA Europe members are also amending their business models with e-commerce webshops resulting in new regulatory conditions and a new set of compliance. E-Commerce B2B activities of our members will be of particular importance in 2020.

Report on the Self-regulation Activities in 4Q/2019

All complaints that have been submitted to the Self Regulation Officer in 4Q/2019 have been resolved without any further issues or disputes underlining the efficiency of our dispute resolution mechanism.