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Membership FAQs

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ERA Europe's Membership Committee gets many emails throughout the year regarding membership and payments, here are the most frequently asked.

Why should my company become a member of ERA Global?

ERA Global is the only organisation exclusively representing the interests of all Television-, Radio-, Internet- Electronic Retailers and associated services in the European markets. ERA Global is a non-profit organization, which was incorporated in Brussels, Belgium, in August 2004. ERA Europe is the trade association for companies involved in retailing products and services directly to the consumer via audiovisual communication and content on television, internet and other electronic media, according to a recognized code of ethics.

THE MISSION STATEMENT of ERA Global is “To grow the positive economic impact and size of the industry by increasing consumer confidence in Electronic Retailing by protecting them through self-regulated industry business standards, while fostering a positive relationship between the industry, consumer and regulators”

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ERA Europe is in the process of transiitioning to ERA Global. The new trading name is ERA GLOBAL but the legal name continues to be ERA Europe.


Currently ERA Europe represents the interests of 63 Members from all around the world and is in the process of transitioning and expanding to ERA GLOBAL.

Are there further reasons to join ERA Europe?

Yes, ERA Europe offers more membership benefits. As a member you are part of an exclusive network. Once a year ERA Europe members meet for their annual membership meeting. ERA Europe organizes an annual trade conference where industry representatives from all over the world meet to exchange news about the industry, to exchange ideas and to do business together:

ERA Europe members have access to the conference at a preferred member rate. ERA Europe members will also have access to PDMI conventions in the US at preferred member rates.

As a member you receive also exclusive industry information through the “ERA Europe News” (Quarterly e-Newsletter).

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee depends on a company's annual turnover.

It starts at 1.600,-€ for associate members or sole proprietors and is capped at 20.200,- € (21.225,- £ UK fee) for core members with a turnover > 112 Mio. € p.a.

When is the first payment of membership fees due?

The fee is due, when first joining ERA Europe. Membership is then valid for 12 Months. After this period, we will ask you to renew your membership. Your second term will then follow the calendar year. That means if you joined e.g. in May (July) your first term ends in April (June). The second term starts again in May (July) and lasts this time until December. This is done so that all memberships follow our fiscal year from January to December.

When is the annual renewal fee due?

The annual membership renewal fee is due within 60 days of joining or renewing membership (5.3 of the ERA Europe statues).

How about the fees for the second year, which might be far fewer than 12 months.

In the second year a fee “pro rata temporis” applies. In this case, you pay only for the actual months of this membership period. E.g. you joined in July. In the second year, your membership only lasts from July to December, so that you only pay 50% (6/12) of the regular fee.

Does ERA Europe remind me about payment?

Yes, ERA Europe will remind you if you haven't paid.

How can I terminate my membership?

Membership can be terminated only in writing. If the termination is declared after the renewal period has started then the termination declaration is only valid at the end of the newly started 12 month period. Membership fees are still due for the actual running year.

Can I just let my membership lapse?

No, you need to terminate your membership in writing as described above

As a member, how can I steer the fate of ERA Europe?

There is an annual membership meeting. Members can and should join the membership assembly, the highest body of the association, that decides e.g. on the yearly statement and next year's budget. All members are entitled and invited to join the ERA Europe committees and can be elected as board members.

How do I become a board member?

Usually the board elections take place in Spring. A call for candidates is made by the Chair of the election committee. Members interested in joining the board should submit an application there.

Can only board members join the committees?

The committees are generally open to all members. Members are encouraged to join and support the committees. Board members are expected to join and actively support the work of the committees.

Do ERA Europe Committee or Board Members get paid for their work?

No – time and work devoted are done on a volunteer base.

How often does the board or the committees meet?

The board is currently holding three sessions per year. Prior to the membership meeting, prior to the summer conference and during our partner PDMI convention in the U.S. Usually the committees meet prior to the board meeting, so that the board can discuss the results and proposals from the committees.

Where is ERA Europe registered?

ERA Europe is registered in Belgium as a non-profit Association “ERA Europe Asbl, BE 0867.005.301,RPM Brussels”

What does ERA Europe do with my membership fees?

As a non-profit organisation the goal of ERA Europe is not to maximize its profit. The revenues of ERA Europe generated through membership fees and conference admissions are fully reinvested in the membership benefits.

Does ERA Europe issue a receipt or invoice for the annual fee?