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Mateja Luštek, COO, Studio Moderna has joined the ERA Global Board of Directors

In 2019, ERA Global welcomed Mateja Luštek, COO, Studio Moderna, as the newest member of the Board of Directors of our Association.

Mateja Luštek, COO, Studio Moderna, is the newest Member of the Board of Directors of ERA Global

Mateja joined Studio Moderna when the company was still a single-channel company.

Studio Moderna has faced amazing growth in the past 19 years and Mateja has been a big part of this success. From a company of only around 30 employees, SM became a true multi-corporation which today manages more than 7,000 employees and sells its product in 21 countries ranging from Slovenia to Kazahstan.

The first milestone in Mateja’s carrier happened in January 2006 when she was appointed Managing Director in Bulgaria. After putting all the puzzles together and finding the right local person to take over the job, she returned to Slovenia and became a Regional Director. She was successfully managing several Studio Moderna’s markets from Baltic countries to Balkan, delivering results in all markets.

Another milestone within Studio Moderna happened when the company raised money on capital markets and foreign investors came to the company in 2010 and 2011. The company as a whole went through many challenging times. Mateja accepted the role of a leader, taking responsibilities for the most challenging markets in the SM group. With her leadership skills, knowledge and determination, her biggest asset has been to form and lead successful teams that are capable of coping with challenges and transforming struggling companies into profitable growing ones.

Recognised for her qualities, she has become, on top of her regional executive director position, the COO of SM. Since then, she has made significant improvements in the inventory management, providing the company with better liquidity. She has led improvements in many processes involving IT, supply chain, stock management, back-office communication and other.