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Do you need music? Meet iTV Media and IMRA Publishing, New Members of ERA Global

In a fast changing industry such as DRTV, we all need to be creative in optimizing our business models and revenues. Our company IMRA publishing is a global music production and publishing company with more than 15 years of experience in creating high quality music for DRTV shows and Radio & TV / Online ads with a very interesting business model for our partners by collecting music royalties worldwide. Besides DRTV companies, a lot of our clients are media & advertising agencies that can deliver added value by receiving a significant amount of the advertising budget back for their clients. Whether it’s a DRTV company, a production company or media agency, everybody needs music that can make their company better and we are here to deliver!

Why did you decide to join ERA Global?

We joined ERA Global recently because we believe in long term partnerships with ERA Global Members and the added value ERA has by bringing reliable partners together. We will also be visiting the Frankfurt board member meeting and hope to meet you all in person soon, but of course you can contact us any time at the addresses below.

See you in Frankfurt and Amsterdam!

Remy van Kooten

Founding Partner IMRA Publishing

Remy has over fifteen years experience in the Music & Publishing business starting out as the co-founder of a music studio in the Netherlands.

As the company grew together with strategic partner iTV Media, the focus of IMRA Publishing started shifting more and more towards worldwide royalty administration and collecting with a profitable business model for their clients as an added value, besides delivering them high quality music for DRTV shows, Radio & TV programs and online ads. Vast amounts of data from music productions being aired all of the world, accurately checked by the income tracking team, are now the heart of our publishing organisation.

During the years IMRA Publishing and iTV Media invested a lot of time in building close relationships with international partners and societies and therefore they’ve created an unmatched understanding of the intense and continuously changing markets worldwide.

Remy, together with his partners at ITV Media has worked with many ERA members and looks forward to maintain this wonderful experience and meeting new members.

Albertine Koevoets

Commercial Manager iTV Media / IMRA Publishing

Being born and raised in the media city in the Netherlands and after getting a degree in Marketing and Communication, a career in marketing and media was a logical step to make for Albertine. She started out as an account manager for DRTV, selling airtime at the largest commercial broadcaster where she worked closely with Jeffrey de Veer and Alex Goudsmith, the founders of iTV Media. More than 12 years ago, she started working at iTV Media herself with a focus on buying and selling TV & Online media.

Within iTV Media she was handed all the tools to explore new markets and business models. Soon the idea was born to explore the opportunity if there could be an added value for their clients if the company, together with IMRA Publishing focused on royalty administration and collecting. Meanwhile both companies work with satisfied global partners and customers in a continuously changing media landscape.

As an ERA member she is looking forward to getting acquainted with media agencies and DRTV companies to tell more about the benefits their music model brings in terms of cost reduction and creating extra revenues.

For more information please contact IMRA Publishing and iTV Media directly at: and
Tel. +31 35 538 5380