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New ERA Global Member: introducing Tracey Hawkins, MB Media Europe

Tracey Hawkins, Managing Director, MB Media

Tracey joined MB Media 10 years ago, bringing over 20 years of DR experience with her. She has a wealth of knowledge having sat on both client and agency side of the DR fence. She has travelled extensively both for business and pleasure and specializes in Direct Response in the UK and Europe.



MBMedia Europe Ltd have a wealth of experience in television media buying and specialise in direct response longform television advertising.

MBMedia Europe have relationships with all UK and European media outlets and broadcasters and can support both established players and newcomers to the teleshopping market.

The company was founded in 2015 and has 5 employees.

Why did you decide to join ERA?

We joined the ERA to enable us to keep up with the Teleshopping market and to have an open dialogue with our existing and potential new customers.