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Member Company Interview with Joe Advani, Creative Concepts

(Left) Vin Advani, Director, Creative Concepts, based in the U.S.A. and (Right) his brother Joe Advani, Managing Director, Creative Concepts based in Hong Kong.

Joe Advani is the Managing Director at Creative Concepts and handles the Hong Kong, China and Europe operations, Product Development and Manufacturing from start to finish. Joe now also handles the licensing of household brands and celebrity endorsement for the Creative Concepts  products which is the new strategy and focus of the group.


Suite F2, 3rd Floor, Hang Fung Industrial Bldg, Phase 2 No.2G, Hok Yuen St., Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852)-27736401/2

Vin Advani is Director at Creative Concepts based in New Jersey, USA. Vin is responsible for sales in the North American region which includes the USA and Canada. This is driven by catering to Retailers, Direct Response Television (DRTV) and online services at the company. Vin is additionally now responsible for building the digital, social media and e-commerce platform. He has signed a deal with 200+ influencers to market the products to gain more exposure and increase the awareness of Creative Concepts products/brands in the e-commerce business.

Contact: Creative Concepts USA

50 Harrison Street, Suite 112, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Tel. (201) 656 2077

ERA: Joe Advani, thank you for doing this Member Company Interview for ERA Global. Please tell us your company story.

Joe: Creative Concepts was founded by our father, Gary Advani, who now looks after the real estate business. The company is now managed by his two sons, myself and my brother, and we run the group together. I am Joe Advani, and I manage the Product Development and Manufacturing business along with the European distribution. My younger brother, Vin Advani, handles the sales in the North American region which includes the USA and Canada.

The CCM Group designs, manufacturers and distributes innovative consumer products worldwide catering to Retail, DRTV and E-commerce platforms. We have over 4 decades of experience in the business and have our own offices in Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, Italy and the U.K.

Having our own dedicated offices and warehouses in the US and Europe gives us a competitive edge solution for easy access to distribute products to our retailers, distributors and our e-commerce drop shipment platforms.

ERA: How does being a Member of ERA help your business?

Joe: ERA is a great platform to connect with worldwide experts in the business to exchange ideas, knowledge and their business module. It keeps us motivated to do better each time and adapt to the latest trends of each country.

ERA: What makes Creative Concepts stand out in the worldwide market?

Joe: We are unique because of our infrastructure and capabilities as an all-in-one hub! We are a family-owned business with our own offices and warehouses worldwide. We have our own team of experienced in-house product designers, R&D technicians, graphic designers, 3D Machines, Logistics EDI, Quality and Product Compliance specialists which gives us a strong competitive advantage and enables us to develop the latest market trends at the lowest prices!

We have also been focusing to strategically invest more in the digital and social media platforms by expanding and promoting our line of products with licensed popular brands, celebrity endorsements and a handful of consumer product influencers.

ERA: What has been keeping Creative Concepts busy in the past 12 months?

Joe: Designing and Developing line extensions in the Personal Care Category using our patented GOTECH™ Cordless Technology and re-inventing the cookware category with some unique concepts for healthier living!

GoStyler™ – the World’s First Cordless Rechargeable Hair Dryer was launched in 2019

ERA: You mention your new patented technology - Creative Concepts created one of the world’s first cordless rechargeable hairdryers, which launched in 2019. Please tell us more about the project - is it available in retail or online?

Joe: Correct!  Our first launch of the GoStyler™ – the World’s First Cordless Hair Dryer is now available at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Carrefour and a few more retailers and also on our own e-commerce platform We are excited to announce the GoStyler™ has got a 4.5 stars review online with a satisfied customer database that include celebrities, super models, popular influencers and consumers who simply love the cordless life.

New for 2020 - Go Curler™ : World’s First Automatic Cordless Rechargeable Hair Curler

ERA: Are you open to work with inventors or companies who would like to get their concepts developed and bring into the marketplace?

Joe: Of course! We work with a handful of inventors and companies by helping them bring their ideas to life! Product Development is our specialty! We give them our expertise, ideas and solutions on how to bring their concept to a functional product at the lowest cost whilst keeping the best quality. We also help them with sales and worldwide distribution with the help of our salesforce for direct retail, DRTV and e-commerce platforms.

ERA: Do you have any exciting plans for 2020 that you can share with us?

Joe: We have a lot in the bag for 2020, and are very excited to start introducing our creations to the world. We have engineered some great concepts/innovations that will be a great addition to every household. These will be launched on DRTV, Retail, Social Media and our own E-commerce platforms in the coming year 2020.

2020 Product Launches

Go Curler™ : World’s First Automatic Cordless Rechargeable Hair Curler
Go Straightener™ : World’s First 2 in 1 Cordless Rechargeable Hair Straightener and Curler
Go Luscious Lashes™ - World’s First Automatic Cordless Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler
FREEDOM Razor™ Endorsed by NFL Hall of Fame Legend Michael Irvin: Worlds First Patented Cordless 3 in 1 Shaving System.
The Healthy Pan™ - KETOFIT™ by TOPCHEF Finalist Chef Bruce Kalman: World’s First Patented Silver Ions , Ceramic Titanium Coated Cookware Pan The uniqueness of Silver-Ions is it inhibits bacteria while cooking!
My Gold Pan™ by TOPCHEF Finalist Chef Bruce Kalman: World’s First Real 18Karat Gold Coated Cookware Pan !
GO Iron: World’s First Cordless Rechargeable Travel Iron with a Built-in Power Bank .
GO Groomer™ : Cordless Expandable Back Hair Remover
Go Sounds Buds™ : True Wireless Bluetooth Non Slip Earphones
My Gold Pan™ by TOPCHEF Finalist Chef Bruce Kalman: World’s First Real 18 Karat Gold Coated Cookware Pan

ERA: Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group is one of the first companies in your field to take marketing to the next level by working with Influencers, Celebrities, Super Models, Household Brands for consumer products? What are the benefits of using them all to advertise your products?

Joe:  The combination is a perfect fit! We are proud to work with such talents, brands and big box retailers. Our concepts aim to make our end consumers feel satisfied by providing them with new innovations, trustworthy branding, high quality, competitive pricing, prompt deliveries and most of all - the best customer service!
Its always about quality over quantity – our strength and advantage is that our offices, employees, and distribution centers around the world help us to distribute products worldwide directly through our unique module which covers awareness, exposure and easy access of purchase through Direct Response Television (DRTV), Retail , Catalogue (Mail Order), and Online E-commerce. Our aim is to bring the best of trends for every consumer and to make them not only affordable but also easily accessible!

ERA: Do you have a vision for the future of the industry?

Joe: Innovation has always been at the core of our business. The only way to capture the market is by developing extremely well-attuned, sense-detecting mechanisms that enable a brand/product to identify consumer needs before the competition – and sometimes before the consumers themselves! As we race headlong into the post-digital era, hyper-personalized and instantaneous digital experiences will increasingly determine competitive advantage for consumer goods to deliver relevance at scale. That’s why forward-looking companies are rethinking innovation – in the workplace, in business models, and in ecosystem partnerships.

About Creative Concepts

For more than 40 years, Creative Concepts has designed, manufactured and distributed products that are innovative and functional while delivering quality and reliability at incredibly competitive prices worldwide.

The Creative Concepts range of products includes Home & Garden, Kitchen, Household Cleraning, Personal Care, Fitness, Automotive, and more.

The team oversees the manufacturing and quality control in order to ensure products meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Creative Concepts has won 5 awards, have 6 offices, 9 patents, 40 years of experience, employ 100 people and are responsible for 1200 projects.