The Electronic Retailing Association

NEW! Platinum Membership Programme

Companies that are already members of ERA GLOBAL can now join our new Platinum Member Programme.

ERA GLOBAL is a Belgian registered not-for-profit association. The ERA Global Association's purpose is to*:

ERA Global purpose

Encourage its members economic growth

Inform its members and consumers on the sector

Promote the sector

Defend its members interests in case of any changes in the legislations and regulations in force.

To fulfil these tasks, financial means are required which are generated through member fees, as well the surplus generated at the yearly summer conference. The financial goal set by the Board of Directors, i.e. to have approx. 50% of the planned spending as cash reserve, has been reached. In 2019 ERA therefore reduced the cost of the conference attendee ticket by approx. 20%. Recently ERA has also reduced the annual membership fees by approx. 50%

Nevertheless, extraordinary financial contributions are always welcome and really help us to restructure and to improve our services for the industry. Companies which participate in the Platinum Member Programme will be making a special contribution to our association, supporting us in delivering all of our benefits. These member companies support our common cause and take responsibility for our association, the services we render and the industry as a whole. Therefore in exchange, the members of the Platinum Member Programme receive special recognition for their support at our events, e.g. VIP treatment, company exposure, marketing at our events and in our communications.

All member companies (regardless of their turnover) can apply for Platinum Membership. The Platinum member fee will then replace the revenue based fee. See more information below and feel free to please contact us directly at

The Platinum Member Programme

Platinum Dinner

At the start of each summer conference, an exclusive dinner will be held for our Platinum members. This is a great opportunity to meet the industry’s VIPs in a relaxed atmosphere. Potentially to be organized at all events.

Preferred booking

We will contact Platinum members in advance to offer them the best suites and meeting facilities at the conference.

Presentation of the EMMAs

Each EMMA category will be presented by a dedicated Platinum member, e.g. "The EMMA - Best Innovation is presented by Platinum member company"

Dedicated EMMA Table

Instead of a company having to book a dedicated table at the EMMAs for their guests, Platinum members will automatically have a dedicated and branded table at the event.

Company Profile Webpage

We will create a section on the website to list all Platinum members with a short company profile

Logo in Conference Programme

The printed conference programme will include a list of all our Platinum members.

Platinum Attendee Pass

We will add "Platinum member" to the attendee badge.

Platinum Registration Line

VIP registration to pick up the conference / event badges.

Platinum Passes in the room

We will provide Platinum members with their conference passes on arrival in the room/suite.

*Article 4 of the ERA Europe statutes