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Article: Global Industry News in times of Pandemic by Budd Margolis

Direct marketers are tough, resilient, flexible and clever. They find gaps, loopholes, trends and when none exist they make their own! They are a breed apart, entrepreneurs, gamblers, survivors and winners. So, in these times it is no surprise that companies are protecting their workforce and contributing to society is it?

Media Analytics reports that infomercials in the U.S. are on the rise. Year to date new long creatives (including new show versions) are up 101% year over year. See the charts below for 2020 YTD, (Status April 17), vs. 2019 (Total Year). The Covid-19 pandemic does not seem to have slowed the steady stream of new shows and new show versions detected on national cable. To date (April 2020) we have reported new show versions, airing nationally, up 191% thus far for April 2020!

The charts below depict YOY category shares for Long Form airings on national cable. Only time will tell if this is a one time blimp or a change in viewer and advertiser behaviour.

Masks-20170108 223212
Ideal Living delivered 50,000 masks to hospitals and health-workers in New York at cost.

With long standing China manufacturing contacts, the Ideal Living team led by Peter Spiegel, Katie Williams, Sunita Lal and Adam jumped through hurdles to receive their first shipment of 50,000 KN95 masks with more to come.

They have been delivered to hospitals and health-workers in New York at cost. 

Ideal Living’s first priority is for health workers.

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QVC U.S. has a high demand for the food category.

As people stay home and watch TV, among other activities, some TV shop channels have benefit.

The trends are obvious with cleaning, organising, garden products as well as home fitness, organisers and cleaners.

QVC has extended its returns window to 90 days and offers free exchanges.  The American operation can not stock enough food.  Chocolate and cheese cakes, pies, steaks, salmon, shrimp, chicken, hot dogs and more, so much more.   Qurate Retail Group is donating $2M to America Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry.

Immune factors hsn
Immune Factors Dietary Supplements on HSN

HSN proves that TV shopping is still healthy, and in many cases returning to better performance than recently.  The worlds first TV shop channel constantly sells out of the sleep apnea mask sanitiser device and the channel has shifted focus to this event with related products such as immune health vitamins, home fitness array of treadmills and cycles, air purifiers. 

The work-from-home edit features ways to “stay comfy and still look chic”.

Together we can make a difference
QVC UK has a campaign with the National Emergencies Trust charity to help raise funds for the most vulnerable in the UK during this global crisis.

At QVC UK  has extended their returns policy from 30 to 60 days and has pledged to donate £50,000 to National Emergencies Trust charity to help raise funds for the most vulnerable in the UK during this global crisis.  For every £1 donated by customers QVC will donate £2 and expects to raise £125,000. (EGN Editors Note: at the time of publishing, QVC have announced they are extending their maximum donation by a further £50,000 so their new target is £200,000)

Immune tips-fireshot capture 140 - fit in den frühling - 6 tipps für ihr immunsystem - hse24 - www
HSE24 offers 6 Tips to increase your immune system

HSE24 Germany offer customers #stayhome ideas on how you can make yourself healthy and beautiful at home & gives current information about their service. From beauty, garden, home decor, cleaners and even 6 tips to help you improve your immune system. (Editor's note: they have also extended their guarantee period)

In Korea the Government shop channel has sold reasonably prices masks and hand sanitisers.

Government support for businesses and workers varies across the globe and our industry is facing the most significant challenge in our history, but we are better placed than most other companies to meet this challenge and we will identify and seize opportunities faster and better than most.

And if we can reach out and help others in our community, then you have done us all proud!