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ERA GLOBAL Summer Conference

Brussels, April 2020 - Message from ERA GLOBAL Chairman of the Board

Ken daly
Ken Daly, Chairman ERA GLOBAL

Dear Friends,

Firstly and most importantly I very much hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy.

‘Unprecedented’ is a word that has been used more times in the past few weeks than probably in all previous history.  No words that I can find can exaggerate what we have been going through.  None of us could have legislated for the fundamental changes in life and business we have experienced.  Although there have been incredible challenges, there have been many opportunities too.  It’s vital that our businesses survive, and indeed thrive if we are to be able to look after our families, our employees, our industry and our association. So great credit to members who have managed to create successes in this time of crisis, and even more credit to those who have worked to help fight the Covid 19 pandemic with protective equipment donations, support for health workers, volunteering and so much more. 

I wanted to provide you a quick update on key matters at ERA Global.

Summer Conference, Amsterdam 2020

We were scheduled to hold our next ERA Global Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam from June 9th to 11th 2020.  The event has now been postponed to June 2021. The team at Hilton have been very supportive and we have been working with them over the past few weeks to find a solution as meeting in June this year looked less and less advisable. 

So to confirm, I am delighted to say we have almost finished our negotiations with the Hotel so we are convinced that we shall be holding our conference next year at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam from 15th to 17th June 2021.

Those who have already paid for their Amsterdam 2020 attendance shall of course be eligible for a full refund.  Details will be circulated directly to these people/companies separately.

Digital Conference

In order to go some way towards making up for the gap left this summer, we are organising a digital conference. This shall be a complimentary event for members although there shall be an opportunity to sponsor, so this will be a way of networking and conducting business together via online video in a very efficient way.  Further details in due course.


The Oscars of the Multichannel Home Shopping Industry! The EMMAs are our awards that we usually present at the Summer Conference.  Despite the postponement of the physical conference, the EMMAs are still going to take place this summer, only virtually, online, as part of the Digital Conference.  Therefore please send your nomination until May 15th and then please do cast your votes as usual.  There have been a couple of emails asking for nominations and we shall send at least one more reminder. Please take the time to read, nominate and vote.  It really is very important.  Deadline for voting is May 30th 2020. The awards will then be held digitally on June 10th as originally scheduled.  

Additional Conferences

New extra conferences are under serious consideration for 2021 including one in February.  We hope to confirm further details in the very near future.

In addition, we plan to provide an ERA Global meeting room with refreshments at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago in 2021.  As with this year which was cancelled due to the pandemic, we aim to provide this as a complimentary benefit to members.

Membership Fee Discount

ERA Global is a not for profit organisation run for members by members.  We are of course cutting out all unnecessary expenditure and conserving cash during this current crisis.  We also appreciate that companies in our industry around the world are doing exactly the same.  With the postponement of the physical conference in June it may not seem a priority to pay membership fees.  Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact the conference is a revenue generator for the association which will be badly missed.  So we really do need companies to pay their fair share and due fees of the association’s costs by submitting their membership payments as soon as possible.

A good number of members have already paid their 2020 fee in full.  We are very grateful to these companies for showing their support and their faith in our association.  We shall offer these members a 40% discount on their 2021 membership fees.  Therefore over the 2 years they shall only pay 80% of the total due.

For those companies that have not already paid their 2020 fees, we are now offering a 25% reduction this year, although they shall be required to pay in full next year.

We believe that this offer is very fair and reasonable in the circumstances.  And as a reminder, this year’s fees were already reduced significantly compared with previous years.  We do however sincerely request that those who have yet to pay do so as soon as possible.  In this way we can ensure that the association can replenish its cash reserves which have been depleted by non-payment so far this year and the need to roll over the Hilton Amsterdam deposit until 2021.  Critically however, by members paying their fair share, ERA Global will be able to continue to increase member benefits, build further the great association we have developed over many years and strengthen the global industry network which is more important now than ever before.

Very best wishes to you all,

Ken Daly                                                                                                            

Chairman of the Board of Directors