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Interview: meet Ionela Croitorescu, the newest member of the ERA Global family

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The ERA Global family is growing and a few months ago welcomed Ionela Croitorescu

Towards the end of 2019, ERA Global recruited our first full time member of staff to assist our CEO, Dr Julian Oberndörfer.

Since joining us in October, Ionela Croitorescu has been working hard to help organise the Amsterdam Conference (which has sadly had to be postponed) and all the other new events that we have been planning.

Here is Ionela Croitorescu, ERA Global's new PR, Marketing and Events Director talking to the Editor of the ERA Global News, Amanda Justice

AJ: Ionela, as the newest member of the ERA Global team and our first full time staff member, what was it that convinced you to join our organisation?

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Ionela Croitorescu, Director PR, Marketing and Events, ERA Global.

Ionela is a former journalist, with 15 years of experience in media, content editing and event management. She joined ERA Global in October 2019 as Director PR, Marketing and Events.


Tel. + 49 8151 55 66 196

Ionela: I joined ERA GLOBAL in Autumn 2019, as PR, Marketing and Events Director, bringing a total of 15 years of experience in media, content editing and event management with me. After working for many years for international companies and developing that specific corporate spirit and mind-set, it felt like a perfect fit to be part of an association that represents companies worldwide, that I have been trained to understand.

AJ: What was your training and career before you joined ERA Global?

Ionela: I am a former journalist who chose to be a communications professional a couple of years ago. In 2008, at a time when the whole world was going through the financial recession, I contributed to and consolidated the first mass market event strategy of the most influential Romanian media company, in my role as editor-in-chief of two of their magazines and websites for women.

That was the first milestone in my career, when I switched my focus from traditional journalism and content editing to the events and special projects management, which is more business oriented. Back then it was clear to me that my role could have a direct impact on the financial results of a company and I became increasingly determined to investigate the possibility of leaving my 'footprint' on the company’s results.

In 2013, I completely switched my focus from media to PR, Events and Communications and I served as a Communications Specialist for two famous international brands: first, Roche Pharmaceuticals and then Groupe Renault, Romanian branches. In these roles, I led tens of events and campaigns, managed the communications for divisions with up to 1.000 employees and engaged in large corporate events with thousands of participants. I did the premiere of a couple of national and local campaigns or events, which I am very proud of, especially when I see that they are still running and have the same concept that I developed.

AJ: You have now been working with ERA Global for 6 months, what are your first impressions of our organisation and the Multi-Channel Homeshopping Industry?

Ionela: Having worked for big corporations, I am able to appreciate even more the role that an association such as ours has for the business community. The existence of an association shows, without any doubt, a certain level of maturity and proficiency of that industry.

The 2019 EMMA's Gala in Budapest. Due to the new circumstances, the EMMAs Gala will be held digitally this year on June 10th 2020.

ERA GLOBAL is a powerful business iniative for our community, as our members have stated. We have created the perfect premise for our members to build their network, their know-how and furthermore their businesses. Moreover, everyone that knows us is also familiar with our Business Speed Dating Events, which support young companies and put them in contact with the most experienced ones. Without this, it would require a lot of time and effort on behalf of the new companies to reach out to the experienced community.

Nevertheless, as we all aware of the current global context, I can’t overlook the role that an association like ours plays in times of crisis. More than ever, ERA GLOBAL is going to be the catalyst for the worldwide businesses from the industry. We need to stay together and support each other to overcome these unprecedented times. Although our annual conference is postponed, we will still hold a digital EMMA Gala, out of respect of all our peer colleagues, who have worked hard the previous year and need all our support and encouragement.

As for our vivid industry, it is so marketing-oriented and companies are so good at reinventing themselves and finding new products and means to get close to the public, that it’s great that our association keeps pace and manages to represent this industry at such high level of proficiency.

AJ: What ERA GLOBAL events can everyone look forward to coming up?

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We will hold a DIGITAL Business Speed Dating Event on 9th June 2020

Ionela: As we speak, the ERA GLOBAL Conference has already been announced as postponed for the next year. I admit I am still emotional about this decision, not to see this event happening, as an exceptional number of companies had shown their interest in participating and everything was looking very promising.

But, inspired by our members and keeping in touch with them and updated on their business needs, our association continues planning future events. In the short-term, we are aligning with the world and will hold two digital events in June 2020: a Business Speed Dating event and the 2020 EMMA Awards (information will be provided step by step).

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This virtual event will take place on 9th June 2020

Through these digital events, we ensure easy access to our services for all our members from all over the world. A good example is the new EMMA Awards voting webpage, which gives access to all our members, to easily nominate and vote for the preferred networks, suppliers or individuals who demonstrated great achievements in the past year. Longer term (for 2021), we are preparing a varied offer of global events, to better answer the needs of our members and to support them in conducting good business on different continents.  

All of these events will be a well deserved breath of fresh air for many companies. Our industry needs to reconnect after these moments and humanity needs to reconnect after these weeks of isolation. And we are here for our peer colleagues, planning and thinking of new ways to facilitate your business.