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ERA GLOBAL Digital Events, October webinar

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Interactivity and gamification are the winning new business formulas that raise the revenues and attract the public!

How may an annual campaign register a double-digit percentage sales growth in only one day? How could a company round up the sales to almost 40 billion $ within 24 hours? These are questions we found an answer to during the first ERA GLOBAL Digital Event, streamed on Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Branco Scherer, VP Business Development ExMachina, the company which provides the technology behind the app of global TV show The Voice (aired in 20+ countries), presented 2 business cases regarding the commercial strength of turning online video into e-commerce revenues.

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Business case 1: Alibaba Single’s Day Double 11

Branco’s first case revealed the mechanism behind the huge global phenomenon, Alibaba Single’s Day Double 11. The one-day shopping festival takes place every year on the 11th of November and, according to Branco, “merges technologies and famous brands together, finding a good balance between social media, entertainment and interactive content, linking online with offline“. The event is held to “touch millions and millions of young Chinese consumers”, as Amy Yang, Managing Director Greater China Levi Strauss & Co, stated in the 2019 clip of Alibaba‘s 11.11.

Involving celebrities - the million dollar jackpot

Already celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian or Nicole Kidman have been involved in the Double 11 project, engaging customers with a new shopping experience. During the one-day campaign, Kim Kardashian launched a product line specific to the Chinese market, in collaboration with a famous local online influencer. How did it go?

In terms of turnover, more than USD 1 million was reached within the first hours! Double 11 is about gross revenue of USD 38 billion and more than 100.000 live streams a day! Each year, the sales during this one-day campaign skyrocket, in 2019 registering a growth of approx. 26% compared to the year before! “Looking back at the examples of Single’s Day, there are 4 lessons learned here. First of all, it’s about entertainment and video which really sell and keep people engaged. Second of all, it’s about frictionless conversion: it‘s super easy to order and pay. (Thirdly,) it‘s highly interactive and gamified: it’s not just for fun, but it increases the conversion rates. Last but not least, the commercial proposition is really strong, as, for example, the limited editions,” VP Business Development ExMachina highlighted during the webinar.

Branco Scherer, VP Business Development at ExMachina

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For more than twenty years, Branco Scherer (photo) has been active at the crossroads of digital media, marketing and business development. He held international roles at among others AOL, Viacom and EndemolShine. More recently he changed the world of global corporates to work at scale-ups. In his current role as VP Business Development at  ExMachina his focus is at developing interactive video concepts where live video, e-commerce and gamification are playing a key role. In spite of Covid-19, Ex Machina Group recently launched a new interactive video platform enabling tastings to go online with consumers discovering new products with the option to buy these immediately.

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Business case 2: The Tasting Games

From wine to insects tasting: surprise, engage and get your audience closer to your products! Entertainment and interactivity are also the core ingredients of a new app and concept recently developed by ExMachina: The Tasting Games.

The Tasting Games demonstrate the commercial power of live stream interactivity,“ stated Branco Scherer in his second featured case study at the ERA GLOBAL Digital Events. The concept is about combining the tasting of real products with the power of gamification. Participants receive a tasting box at home with different products, from wines, cheese, cakes to … unconventional products such as insects (yes, insects!).

To start the tasting game, participants access the special app which, unlike other similar cloud-based video communication apps, allowing them to add a score in real time, share their knowledge about the products, win points and play against their peers. You could see the benefits for the customers straight away, as well as for the companies: a playful, informative experience, but also an opportunity to get discounts to certain products.

Businesswise, the concept could serve as an out of the box way of acquiring new customers, as companies could propose and present their products to a really engaged audience.

Willing to discover more out of the box and winning business models from all over world? Follow our ERA GLOBAL Digital Events series! Next webinar will be streamed in November.