The Electronic Retailing Association

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Our new website is now live

In 2021 we launched a brand new website. With our strategy to become a multi-event association it was required to be able to display all of our events (physical and digital) on one platform. 

The platform has been designed to make it easier for our users to browse and learn more about our previous and following webinars and conferences. The News section, including the press releases, the news and the digital interviews with some of the most famous figures in our community, may be an excellent tool for the worldwide professionals to keep a record of the community events and the development of our association.

Through the Digital events section, the new website eases our mission to support professionals all over the world to connect virtually and stay connected to the latest trends. We are proud to say that, due to the fresh and modern architecture of the website, all the previous speakers and our current sponsors are better represented.
Another feature, which will make all of our digital lives better, is that we will be able to use this platform to stream all of our digital content and events from the same website.

We invite you to visit our website often, we will be constantly updating our content with the latest news on the industry and our association's events.