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US companies resume their meetings in person

2021 telebrands meeting - distributors
Photo caption: From left to right in the pic: Tvsi Kornbluth- Tv Novedadas / Colombia, Dominican Republic; Gideon Kornbluth-Tv Novedadas / Colombia, Dominican Republic; Poonam Khubani/ TeleBrands; Paul Zaidman-Quality Products/ Peru; Alejandra Juvarez-Tv offertas / Mexico

June 2021. Life in the United States is returning to normal, to how things were back in 2019! Our friends in the US are already enjoying their “new” life without restrictions and meeting with business peers in person, after a one and a half year break.

Telebrands Management has already had their first meeting with their distributors from South America and were kind enough to share this special moment.

In this industry we met distributors 3 times a year to show them new products but the pandemic caused everything to come to a halt. Zoom did a great job of keeping us connected but zoom meetings lack the personal touch of meeting people face to face. This meeting allowed us all to reconnect on a business and personal level. It was great!” Poonam Khubani, Vice President Telebrands, told us.