The Electronic Retailing Association

New conference date: November 8- 10, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

5 August 2021

Dear ERA Global members, colleagues and friends,

As you know we are still very excited about a new Las Vegas event this autumn. There has been huge support from companies in our industry and the vast majority of people we talked to were planning to attend.

As announced last week, our clear goal is to be able to offer to our industry an event this year, where we can all safely travel, meet our business partners again for the first time after two years.

Having considered all options and after very intensive and fruitful discussions with the our hotel we are happy to announce that we will move the conference to November 8-10 at the same location, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Understanding our responsibility, we put all our efforts to provide an event where most of us can safely travel and where holding a conference is financially viable. For this reason, we will update our cancelation period and will be closely monitoring the global and local situation, in particular the impact of the ongoing vaccination campaigns and the corresponding travel opportunities. Please be reassured that we will remain as cautious as we have been with the previous events since summer 2019 and we will act to the best interest of our community.

Nevertheless, we are confident, to make the event happening in November. Stay safe and healthy until then.  

We are looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Ken Daly, Chairman  ERA Global                     

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Global


DPM concept

2020 nov bob the board
Bob Cicorsta was welcomed by Jonathan Gregory and Ken Daly, ERA GLOBAL Board Members

Sell!? I‘m a news man!“ These were Bob’s words when back in 1977 his boss told him to sell a box of avocado-green can openers during his daily radio show. Bob was a talk show host at a small Clearwater AM radio station. His boss was Budd Paxson, a visionary of those times.

As a local appliance company had paid the station for their aired commercial with … a box of avocado can openers, Bob was told to sell the products on air. So he did (he sold 112 of them!) and the home shopping industry was borne on a local radio show in Florida.

These were the days when Bob would take all phone calls himself without any help. Times when, even after the staff had grown, the whole show would take place in a room no bigger than a closet.

In 1982, the local radio station and its daily teleshopping show went national. Strategies would be tested and come to life. “We had no idea that we were creating an industry. If it worked, we continued. If it didn’t, we would stop. The constant factor was time. (…) It was as critical back then as it is critical in today’s home shopping industry. It’s not about selling a whole bunch of products, but about selling the most amount in the least amount of time. The constant factor is TIME!”, revealed Bob, the man who stands behind the DPM concept - dollar per minute.