The Electronic Retailing Association

8-10 November ERA GLOBAL Conference in Las Vegas cancelled

20 August 2021

Dear ERA Global members, colleagues and friends,

The only thing which is certain these days is uncertainty, things can change from one day to another. Whilst we were very happy and proud two weeks ago that we could offer an alternative date for the cancelled September event in November, we had to reassess the situation much quicker than we could all imagine.

We have observed the rise of positively tested people all over the world. In particular in the US we also see that the numbers of hospitalization seem to come close to the last peak of the pandemic.

At this point we doubt that the travel corridor may be lifted in the near future.

As your industry association we have promised to ensure safety and health of our members and guests come first.

Although it was our goal to be able to offer to our industry an event this year, we cannot guarantee that everybody can safely travel or meet its business partners.

With heavy grief in our hearts the board of directors has decided that cancelling the event and focusing on 2022 is the only wise, responsible and prudent decision to act to the best interest of our community.

We will keep monitoring the situation and will keep you updated on our future plans and events.

Thank you all for your understanding and ongoing support,

Ken Daly, Chairman ERA Global                     

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Global

“I call it my 3-52 rule”

2020 nov bob 1985
1985: the big moment when home shopping switched from radio to TV

And then came the big moment: in 1985, the station went national on TV and so home shopping also transitioned from radio to TV, shaping the industry the way it is today! But the initial move to TV came as a real disappointment: only 352 dollars worth of product were sold in the first 5 hours of the TV show. In contrast, Bob had been generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales via his radio show. One of Bob’s most successful radio campaigns was selling the first ever computer, with sales amounting to one million dollars in only one hour!

I call it my 3-52 rule. I’ve talked to so many entrepreneurs and they all want to succeed immediately. That’s not going to happen. I always tell them about my 3-52 rule. What if we had told ourselves (after the first 5 hours on TV) ‘that’s it, it’s not going to work!’.  Within 90 days, we did a million dollars a day! And then a billion dollars in one year! Home shopping was not a success from the start.

“The major key to this business: interaction and keeping the viewers involved”

2020 nov bob budd margolis 2
Budd Margolis, expert in driving retail via commercializing digital and video platforms and one of Bob's old friends, connected to the webinar as a surprise

Are the rules back then still the same today? With the global pandemic’s impact on the world economy?

The relationship has been the key from the beginning. We all have a great responsibility that we are sharing products with the audience and make their lives better. When somebody ordered from the local radio, I (myself) would deliver the product to their house at the very beginning. Of course, this can’t apply now. But the relationship is so powerful. Because of the pandemic we face another environment. Many people stay and work from home and this is our great way to communicate.

“Back at the beginning we had to keep in mind that we were the most convenient way to (…) shop other than catalogues. I think we have to answer the question: how can we get more convenient to the consumer? Those who make it more convenient will succeed. (….) We can’t leave out the viewer. I hope we never lose that. That is the major key to this business: interaction and keeping the viewers involved. There is more competition now than ever before. Make sure you include the viewer in the process of selling!” said Bob.

Find out more about Bob‘s bestsellers over time and which products can raise sales nowadays in Bob’s  full interview.