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EMMA Awards 2022 Winners Press Release

2022 EMMA awards - celebrating the achievements of the best in the MULTI-CHANNEL HOME SHOPPING community

29th June 2022 – On 22nd June 2022, companies, products, and individuals, who have demonstrated excellence and involvement in the growth of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry in the previous year, were honoured at the 6th EMMA Awards Gala, which took place during the 2022 ERA Global Conference in Amsterdam.

The 2022 EMMA Awards are the sixth annual season of this awards program and the first to take place onsite after the pandemic. The previous EMMA Awards Gala was broadcast back in 2020 with a pioneering solution and hosted live in a studio in London due to the global pandemic.

EMMA Awards are there to recognize and lionize the people who have given so much and are continuously making improvements to our industry.  This year we have had over 26 entries from members all over the world. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners – the competition this year has been tough. This year’s edition has attracted a higher interest than ever. It was great to see so many nominations since we last held this gala event in Budapest.“ stated Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA GLOBAL, during this year’s Gala.

The 2022 EMMA Award winners are

Winner Best Short Form 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Short Form recognizes outstanding production, sales story, and product sales through a short-form clip. This year’s award was offered to FAST THAW by JML . Elegantly shot, this compelling and engaging short-form spot uses aspirational lifestyle videography and contemporary creative direction combined with relatable, persuasive scenarios reinforced by captivating demos to great effect.


Winner Best Long Form 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Long Form recognizes outstanding production, sales story, presentation, and product sales through a long-form clip. This year, Telebrands received the award for Fantastic Floating Mop. This show effectively and efficiently highlights all of the key features of the product in an exciting way that holds the viewers' attention. Each selling point of the product is explained and demonstrated in real time by engaging presenters who show just how Fantastic this Floating Mop is. The production is of optimum quality, and features renowned hosts Joe Fowler and Michelle Karac. It’s currently the best-selling product throughout Europe, South America and Australia.


Winner Best Live Show 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Live Show recognizes outstanding programming and a compelling product presentation in combination with strong audio-visual appeal and a successful sales story.

The EMMA  Award this year goes to SANKOM products show by Oksana Mazourik. The SANKOM Product range is presented on live shows by Oksana Mazourik, the product co-inventor, who delivers a passionate and exciting story of how she and her father Dr. Sergei Mazourik set out on a mission to combine health and beauty in the form of functional wear that is easy to use in your day-to-day life. Firstly, the success of the SANKOM Live Shows is reflected from the consumers' side through the record-setting sales numbers and ongoing requests from loyal customers for product line extensions. Secondly, the popularity of the SANKOM shows is also prominent from a B2B side as numerous Home Shopping Channels worldwide have dedicated special sales days around SANKOM posture-correcting products. Each live show captures all elements that encompass a successful live show; an exciting presentation by Oksana Mazourik, a clear product explanation, a captivating show structure, lots of visuals (3D animations, Before/Afters), compelling live demonstrations, and a selection of the highest quality products!


Winner Best Social Media Campaign 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Social Media Campaign recognizes outstanding use of social media platforms with tailored communication per platform, successful brand building, a successful sales story, and excellent customer interaction and involvement.  The EMMA  this year was awarded to Best Of TV for Scunchmiez. They created a social media campaign on FB and Instagram to promote their new product Scunchmiez (toy category). They sold the product in retail and the objective was to create the demand quickly. They had in total 471 019 impressions and a reach of 108 421. The form was images in carousel and videos. 71324 interactions, 5014 single click on a link and 14851 100% video playback. A website  was developed on shopify dedicated to the product The product was sent to influencers as well and they posted it on their account in stories and reels . 80 000 units were sold in one month and they were sold out . A trend was created. They are now developing  Season 2 of the product with the same social media campaign .


Winner Best Presenter 2022

The EMMA in the new category Best Presenter recognises an outstanding show presenter in the Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry with high personal credibility and charisma and an outstanding show performance in both sales and entertainment factor. This year the award goes to Dr Michael Ho from DRTV Asia who is one of the best presenters in our industry. His passion, enthusiasm and lively spirit, his power to explain, show and demonstrate even medical devices such as the Circulation Promoter is phenomenal and leads to enormous sales successes, expansion around the globe and millions of happy users. He is a legend in the USA and Canada. And the huge success of his latest innovation, DR-HO’S MotionCiser, shows again what a great performer Michael Ho is. Even more impressive is his authenticity in person and attitude. He’s a man on a mission to develop and provide people all over the world the chance of living a pain-free life. That’s what drives Michael Ho, from research and development till manufacturing, promotion and selling his products. Also he’s one of the best performing hosts of QVC and HSN.


Winner Best Innovation 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Innovation honours innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of outstanding products for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry. The EMMA  this year goes to INVICTUS ONE 2.0 by Genius GmbH.

The INVICTUS ONE 2.0 is the further development of the INVICTUS ONE. It convinces with a new design, unique accessories and an even higher suction power - for an even more thorough and efficient cleaning! Thanks to the new innovative floor set, the INVICTUS ONE 2.0 can be converted from a handheld vacuum cleaner to a floor vacuum cleaner with just one click! With this powerful cordless vacuum cleaner, anything is possible! The new design is patented in many markets.


Winner Best Supplier 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Supplier is awarded for excellence in product quality and supply, including competitive pricing, fair delivery and payment terms, as well as on-time, efficient and responsive service and support, going to an all-round excellent supplier who works in partnership with the client. The EMMA in this category was awarded to the team at Ontel and TVP. They along with other suppliers have created an innovative distribution method for the product so that the distributors in each country get the benefit of the best pricing, best service, and coordinated launches with the US, to help combat counterfeiters and imitation products.


Winner Best Distributor 2022

The EMMA in the category Best Distributor is awarded to a  reliable and responsive multi-channel distributor who is able to maximize the product life cycle and sell large volumes for their market and who also makes creative use of media and works as a partner. This year’s EMMA for Best Distributor was awarded to Best of TV.

Best of TV acquired the distribution of a toy product: Real Littles in Q4 2020. The company sold in 2021: 1 million units in hypermarkets / supermarkets / toy shops and Digital (Website and Amazon). First they advertised on TV with a 20s spot in order to create the Brand Awareness quickly and create a trend. They did 3 massive TV campaigns of 200 GRP each in 2021 ( approximately 1500 spots) and pushed big displays in Retail and also small CDU ( small displays) on shelves, with TV. They used social media and  influencers to increase the sell out at the same time. A website was created dedicated to the product
In order to prolong the product life they sold many seasons of the product.


Winner Business Personality of the year 2022

The EMMA for the Business Personality of the Year is awarded to an outstanding industry leader who possesses unique qualities, sets an example for others and is highly recognized by her/his industry peers. 

IMPORTANT. The winner of this category is selected by ERA GLOBAL Board members only.

This year the EMMA was awarded to Ken Daly. “The board of Directors selected Ken for his outstanding leadership during the uncertain Covid period. Ken was elected Chairman of the board just before the pandemic broke out and managed with his outstanding leadership to be the anchor for the whole industry to ensure that the community stays together and weathers the crisis as one. I’m more than happy that Ken won this category. As member of the actual Executive Board of ERAG he is of immense importance for the strategic development of the organization. Due to the challenging business-environment we had to monitor the financial situation of the operations very closely and Ken was always up for that with his positive attitude. Therefore Ken is more than just a board member to all of us, but a real friend whom you can rely on and face the turbulences”. stated Dieter Schneider, Chairman Board of Directors ERA Global and Advisory Board Chairman Mediashop-Group.

Ken Daly is an investor, industry commentator and the CEO of innovative international consumer brand JML. Ken was one of just four members of staff when he joined JML as a Sales Representative in 1994. He was fundamental to the company’s rapid expansion and move from the basement of founder John Mills house to its first purpose-built office in Kentish Town. As the company expanded, Ken quickly moved through the ranks and was named Sales Leader of the Year at the National Sales Awards in 2004. The CEO since 2011, Ken is known for his innovative approach, which has made JML a truly international organisation and a household name in the United Kingdom, with 7/10 households in Britain having purchased a JML product. Amongst other business interests, Ken sits on the Advisory Board of Roxi, a British music streaming company.  Ken is currently Treasurer of ERA Global, having previously been Chairman and a Board Member since 2012. 

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