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What women really want: the shoe myth

Are shoes really the number one shopping choice for women? Not according to a representative study conducted by QVC and market research agency YouGov, which analyzed the shopping behavior of women and men – and came to a different conclusion. The approx. 2,000 study participants were asked “What would you buy if you were given 500 euros to shop with?”

Only four percent of the women surveyed said they would blow their budget on boots, pumps or high heels. Instead, clothing is at the top of their wish list, followed by technical gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. Gifts for partners only made third place. The men who participated in the study were more romantic in this respect, putting gifts for their partner in second place. Only technical gadgets were higher on men’s shopping lists and clothing came third.

Another important finding of the study is that women like to go shopping with their best friend most of all because it’s fun and they get honest advice. They say that sharing a meal with their shopping companion makes the whole experience perfect, whether they’re shopping online, downtown or on TV. In other words, it’s not the shopping but the shared experience that matters most!

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