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ERA EUROPE Announces Speakers for mcms Barcelona

The mcms panel discussion to be held again during the €lectronic Home Shopping Conference in Barcelona

Brussels, February 22, 2016: The Electronic Retailing Association Europe (ERA) introduced the mcms (multi channel money streams) for the first time in 2015. mcms is an educational panel discussion held during the €lectronic Home Shopping Conference on June 15th. The aim of the conference is to have an exchange of ideas with experts from various business arenas, as well as the respective regulators from the national and European level, and to introduce all participants with new ideas that will eventually effect the industry. This year’s focus is the development of a single digital European market.

Isabelle Fournier, Chairwoman of ERA Europe and Deputy Managing Director Home Shopping Service - Groupe Ventadis along with Dieter Brockmeyer will welcome the attendees to the seminar. Dieter Brockmeyer will again moderate the event. Executive Director of ERA Europe, Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, announced “we are proud to present prominent speakers which are, inter alia this year for mcms, Dr. Tobias Schmid, Chairman of the German TV Association and Executive Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the RTL-Group, Oliver Babeau, Professor of the University for Strategic Studies, Université des Bordeaux and Alexander Shulgin, founder of

The mcms seminar topics will expose the changes and challenges the Home Shopping Industry foresees in the future. Panel discussions and presentations on new opportunities will be presented, such as, Transactional Media via New Online Payment Systems, and how companies like Blockchain Technology (Bitcoins) challenge traditional banking systems. Another topic will be Bridging the Worlds, hosted by Ina Bauer of ATV Vienna. This hybrid topic will discuss the process of how analogue business models migrate into digital models, and will showcase how media and retail industries are on the forefront of this development and how to handle the challenges involved. The mcms seminar will also showcase a European and regulatory perspective, with the session on eur§reg @mcms delivering an update on European regulatory issues, with insights from the EU Commission. The discussion will examine the status of the Audio-visual Media Service Directive as well as the Digital Agenda for Europe. An expert panel will discuss the EU initiative and how to harmonize the EU legal frameworks and the laws that may be effect the industry.


The Electronic Retailing Association Europe (ERA Europe) is the Association for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry. ERA Europe is the voice and network for businesses that offer innovative products to consumers through audio visual presentation, the internet and other electronic media, according to a recognised code of ethics. ERA Europe advocates and supports the interests of our members and their customers in Europe and the Middle East. Currently ERA Europe represents the interests of 71 European and Middle Eastern members.

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