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Foreword to the ERA Europe News, Summer Edition 2016

Dear ERA Europe Members,

Welcome to our ERA Newsletter Summer edition. We are just about to finalise our retrospective on this year´s conference and are already in the middle of preparing the 2017 venue.

The King is dead, long live the King! or in other words, Farewell Barcelona, Hello Venice!

As most of you have already guessed, this edition focuses primarily on the 2016 conference. For those of you who did not have a chance to attend Barcelona 2016, please read our conference review which includes some photos. You will also find a detailed review and photos of the second MCMS congress.

The MCMS (Multi-Channel Money Streams) session is a congress within the conference. It targets hot multi-channel issues not exclusive to the home shopping industry so that our core audience can find inspiration in neighbouring themes that touch or could touch our day to day business in the future. We are delighted that some of the MCMS speakers have found time to contribute articles for this edition, as well as Christopher Paterka from the gannaca think tank group. Christopher's article is about the effect innovation has or is projected to have on the future of Media.

There is also a review of the EMMA awards 2016 (ERA Europe Multi-channel Multi-screen Awards). As a TV driven multi-channel industry we thought it was high time to honour and celebrate some of the outstanding European electronic retailing achievements. You can see some photos of the event in this newsletter. However, if you would like to see all the conference photos, I would like to steer your attention to the Electronic Retailing Association Europe Facebook site, where all the photos can be found.

Aside from the conference, you will find the usual news updates on Public Affairs and the European industry. There is just a peek at the DRTVLab report for Q2/2016 which is available in full length exclusively for our members in the Members Only part of the website. A reminder on how members can access the Members Only section can be found under 'Membership' on the public website.

So please enjoy this latest edition of this newsletter. We are convinced that you will find inspiration in the interesting articles and would like to gratefully thank all our contributors to this newsletter.

Best regards,

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

Chief Executive Officer/ Administrateur Delegués

Electronic Retailing Association Europe

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