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29 October 2019. The Electronic Retailing Association Europe is the association for the European Home Shopping Industry. ERA Europe is committed to promoting and protecting the common interests of the European Home Shopping Industry. As Europe ensures that key lawmakers and regulatory leaders are provided with the proper information to make educated and informed decisions. ERA Europe´s activities in Public Affairs aim first of all to monitor legislator activities in Brussels. Two filters are then applied – relevant activities for the teleshopping industry and those activities - where we believe an interaction from ERA Europe with policy decision makers will influence positive result for the industry.

Public Affairs Committee

The committee is the body of ERA Europe to discuss current national and European public affairs issues. It will define ERA Europe´s position. Any member interested in participating in this process is asked to join the committee which is open to all volunteering member representatives. The Public Affairs committee will review the initiatives on a Common Digital Single Market for Europe. The public affairs committee is open to any members – volunteers please contact us.



The commission established under Jean Claud esp. its commissioners Andrus Ansip have set a plan for a digital single market for Europe. 16 initiatives were set out to make this happen.

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The "single European TV market“ needs a minimum set of common rules. These rules are laid down in the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which governs EU-wide coordination of national legislation on all audiovisual media, both traditional TV broadcasts and on-demand services. The Commission is consulting on the Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD) first to check which parts of the Directive are currently fit for purpose and,  second, to collect evidence and views on the future media services policy in the form of an impact assessment

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IP / Counterfeiting

Intellectual property refers to brand- design- patents or other rights. Counterfeiting means in this context to imitate these rights for personal business purpose. Imitating however is also from a legal perspective not a precise term however a good description of this process. Not every imitation constitutes an infringement. This applies especially if the listed rights where not protected through an official protection procedure of the respective market. Finally to seek support by national institution as e.g. customs to close down websites or seize products is a very time consuming effort a local institutions need to be educated on the very infringed product (i.e. the specific right which is infringed).

The ERA Europe Board decided in 2014 to have this issue on the agenda, as this constitutes not only a economic threat for the members. Poor quality products might seriously disturb consumer confidence in Home Shopping products, especially as these products can be found today on many digital selling platforms.

ERA Europe can in this process not be a substitute to replace the (complicated) legal process. Member companies must ensure a proper protection of their IP-rights.

However all ERA Europe members must a membership condition submit themselves to the US ERA Counterfeiting Fact-Finding Program: Procedures & Policies

Further ERA Europe will continue to build its education program and cooperation with European and national institutions to render as much support as possible to its members. Please find some links for further information in the Members Area.

ERA Europe's UK Chapter

Almost 15 years ago, many of the UK's teleshopping and home shopping companies founded the “British Television Shopping Association” to represent the views and interests of the industry at a time when it was facing particular regulatory challenges. The Association succeeded in its goals and eventually evolved into the UK chapter of ERA Europe.

ERA UK continues to represent the local teleshopping industry and its membership has expanded to now include a variety of companies providing specific services to the industry, as well as the core membership of de facto teleshopping businesses. The Association meets on an ad-hoc basis, whenever there is a need to discuss and take collective actions on issues relating specifically to the UK industry.

ERA UK also represents the interests of the teleshopping industry through having a permanent seat on the BCAP committee – the body that formulates the rules governing broadcast advertising in the UK. For more information on ERA UK, contact the current chairman, Mike Wells, at


ERA Europe is a member of the advisory committee of the European Audiovisual Observatory - Council of Europe. The EAO collects all data accessible from the European media market.

ERA Europe is a member of FEDMA, the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing.

ERA Europe is a member of EASA – the European Advertising Standard Alliance. It brings together national advertising self-regulatory organizations (SROs) and organizations representing the advertising industry in Europe and beyond.

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