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ERA Europe announces speakers for MCMS Congress

The third Multi-Channel Money Streams Congress (MCMS) will be held during the €lectronic Home Shopping Conference which this year will take place in Venice, Italy.

Brussels, March 23rd, 2017: ERA Europe ERA Europe announces the speakers for the 2017 MCMS Congress in Venice. Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO of ERA Europe said, “The aim of the MCMS congress is to have an exchange of ideas with experts from various business arenas, as well as the respective regulators from the national and European level, and to inspire all participants with new ideas that will affect the future of the industry. We are proud to announce prominent speakers for the MCMS this year who are, inter alia, Paolo Iacono, CEO HSE24 Italy, Markus Fritz, EVP Eutelsat, Luxembourg, and Emanuele Frontoni, Professor of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona.”

A further absolute highlight during the MCMS will be the presentation by Klaus Goldhammer of the ERA commissioned Goldmedia Home Shopping Survey on the state of the industry in ten European markets.

The MCMS congress addresses the changes and challenges the Home Shopping Industry foresees in the future and will focus on the drivers of the new business reality and the fields of digital growth. Panel discussions will look at such topics as Virtual Reality and review the implications for the industry as well as looking at other fields of growth. There will also be MCMS Updates on the developments in some of last years MCMS topics such as the Blockchain Revolution and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The MCMS Congress will also showcase a European and regulatory perspective, with the session on eur§reg@mcms delivering an update on European regulatory issues. The panel discussion will examine the status of the Audio-visual Media Service Directive as well as the Digital Agenda for Europe. The session will also include a session on Product Pirates and Self-Regulation, asking the question whether industry standards can also protect Intellectual Property and will conclude with an executive panel discussion on the crises of the European Project in the wake of Brexit and other developments.

The Electronic Retailing Association Europe (ERA), together with Dieter Brockmeyer, first introduced the successful MCMS (Multi-Channel MoneyStreams Congress) in 2015.

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