The Electronic Retailing Association

Chairman's Message to the Members July 2019

A message from Ken Daly, Chairman of the ERA Global Board of Directors (June 2019 - 2021)

"ERA Global represents a highly tenacious group of businesses. That was very clear to me at the recent conference in Budapest. Optimism and positivity abounded, even though the environment in which we all operate, one would have thought, is becoming more challenging every day. There are so many success stories in our industry, happening right now, that the conclusion must be that we have the specialist knowledge, the skills, the experience and the sheer willpower to take advantage of our changing world and to seek out and seize new opportunities.

About ERA

ERA Europe is the only existing non-profit association representing the interests of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry and direct-to-consumer business. Our members come from Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Australia, and are active all over the globe. Our clear focus is to maintain and strengthen the global structure for the upcoming years to ensure that the global industry community remains as one. ERA GLOBAL is the voice and network for businesses that offer innovative products to consumers through audio visual presentation, the internet and other electronic media, according to a recognised code of ethics. ERA GLOBAL advocates and supports the interests of our Global members and their customers.

The ERA Global Team

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO
Natalie Steyger, Assistant to the CEO
Sabine Christmann, Self-regulation Officer
Amanda Justice, Director of Communication and Marketing.

ERA Global Board of Directors

Short bios on our Board of Directors.

ERA Global Membership

As a true not-for-profit association, it is only with the support of our members that we can provide the valuable member benefitsof a global network in the multi-channel home shopping industry. We are therefore delighted to introduce our new membership pricing structure, effective 1st Jan 2020, which will:

  1. reduce fees for the vast majority of members to make ERA even better value for money.
  2. ...