The Electronic Retailing Association

Foreword to the ERA Europe News, Autumn Edition 2016

Dear ERA Europe Members,

Welcome to our Autumn edition. It seems hard to believe, but with this edition we celebrate a little anniversary: this is the 10th edition of our quarterly newsletter, the ERA Europe News. I would like to give a big thank you to Amanda Justice, who created this format for our members and shaped it into a professional and interesting quarterly bulletin of the European Electronic Retailing industry news.

Keith Mangum, who built up our PR and marketing appearance for the last 12 months has found a new challenge in Hawaii. We would like to thank Keith very much for his passion in developing our identity and wish him all the best for his new adventure on the beautiful islands. Amanda will take over the task from Keith, focussing particularly on digital communication. You might have already noticed, that ERA Europe now has a LinkedIn profile waiting for you to follow it.

Our next upcoming event is the Annual Membership Meeting which will be held from January 19th- 20th, 2017 in Prague. We hope to see many member companies attending to get first hand insights on our activities, maybe join a committee meeting and take part in the review and approval of our finances. Furthermore we will elect our new board which will start its term beginning of June 2017 at the Venice conference.

With our upcoming conference next year in mind, we are already looking ahead to identify the awardees for the EMMA Awards. Please have a look at the 2017 procedure which is outlined in this newsletter and do not hesitate to let us have know your ideas regarding outstanding achievements within our industry for the EMMA Awards 2017.

So please enjoy this edition which features a Member Company Interview from citrussTV who are based in Dubai and give interesting insight into homeshopping in the MENA market, a feature article from Simplestream about the benefits of Streaming technology and live-to-VoD services, interesting articles and lots of news from our members. We are convinced that you will find plenty of inspiration. We would like to gratefully thank all our contributors who helped us create this newsletter.

Best regards,

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

Chief Executive Officer/ Administrateur Delegués

Electronic Retailing Association Europe