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MCMS 2019 Presentations

eCommerce in Europe

Sukhdip Mann's report on the development of e-comerce in Europe - regional trends and consumers.

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GTO Policy

Lásló Druskóczi, Deputy head of the Department at the Hugarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade gave an overview of the Global Trade Policy challenges in June 2019.


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The Disrupted World of Multichannel Retail

IHS Markit

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Retails Paradise: India's Opportunities and Challanges

By Manuj Goyal

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Shopper behavior analysis: new tools & methodologies for Multi-Channel Home Shopping

Lorenzo Nardi, Emanuele FrontoniInformation Engineering Department (DII), Management Department PolytecnichUniversity of Marche –UNIVPM In cooperation with GrottiniLab

The Evolution of Shark Shopping

By Jason Kong

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MCMS 2018: Data + Media + AI = the Future of Commerce

MCMS 2018, Seville: Ben Keen, Analyst and Advisor, led the discussion on Data + Media + AI = the Future of Commerce. Download his insightful presentati