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Foreword to the ERA Europe News, Winter Edition 2017

Dear ERA Europe Members,

Welcome to our first edition of 2017. We hope you had a wonderful year-end with your families and friends, could refill your batteries with the required energy for the upcoming challenges and had a good start in 2017.

In this early stage of the year, ERA Europe is already in the middle of many activities: the Membership meeting in Prague takes place from 18th - 20th January, we are nearly ready to open the registration process for Venice, and the “Great Ideas Summit” in Puerto Rico is also just around the corner.

In December 2016, Sabine Christman succeeded Klaus Parchent to become our new Self-Regulation Officer. So Welcome Sabine and thank you Klaus for your many years of support and highly regarded work.

The registration for our upcoming conference will start January 23rd. We are all excited about this very special location. We already have a brilliant set of speakers for our third MCMS session and have found the perfect setting to celebrate the Emma Awards for the second time.

Changing the conference location is always a challenge. It starts with small but important details such as needing a new Italian tax ID for VAT. However we all aware that Venice is a very special venue. While we are finalising the last details, we would advise everyone to plan this conference well in advance as Venice is one of the most popular tourist locations. If you book late, our room contingent might be used up and other hotel rooms might not be available at a reasonable rate there.

Until then we will raise the excitement by sending out our monthly interview series, the Business Talks of the Month, in which our international guests share their vast experience in the multi channel home shopping business. If you like these interviews, please do not hesitate to share them with your friends and business partners. Best case, follow us on linkedIn to share them there.

We do hope that you enjoy reading this edition. As always, you will find interesting interviews, articles and the latest news on the industry. We would like to gratefully thank all our contributors who helped us create this newsletter.

Best regards,

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

Chief Executive Officer/ Administrateur Delegués

Electronic Retailing Association Europe