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Foreword to the ERA Europe News, Winter Edition 2018

Dear ERA Europe Members,

Welcome to our ERA Newsletter Winter 2018 Edition.

We hope you had a wonderful x-mas season and that you could rest and spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Also that you had a good start into 2018!

The year has just started and as in good tradition the membership will meet in Budapest at the Corinthia Hotel from January 24th to 26th to discuss and decide upon all important association issues.

Our 'shop with confidence' consumer/self-regulation website is now also available in Polish. Firmy, które posiadają pieczęć zaufania “Shop With Confidence” są certyfikowanymi i godnymi zaufania członkami stowarzyszenia ERA Europe. Companies displaying the “shop with confidence” seal are certified members of ERA Europe.

While for many years, Brussels seemed non-existent, it has now taken up speed in many directions. While Brexit and its final scenario can still not be clearly seen on the horizon, the EU seem determined to shape the common digital European market. Even the Trump administration had its first impact on our daily work. Read more in our Public affairs bulletin.

The Seville Conference 2018 is coming closer. We will start registration next week. As a reminder, if you know any outstanding products, services or performances that deserve to be honoured with an EMMA, do not hesitate to contact us. Here is the link to the 2017 clip

Please enjoy this new edition of our ERA Europe newsletter which again contains great articles, insights from member companies, industry news and an update on our activities. We are convinced that you will find new inspiration and gratefully thank all our contributors.

Best regards,

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

Chief Executive Officer/ Administrateur Delegués

Electronic Retailing Association Europe