Brussels, August 2019 - The Electronic Retailing Association Europe calls for action:

Europe must step up its efforts to combat the sale of counterfeit goods via online marketplaces to ensure the future of the European market

In 2016, imports of counterfeit and pirated products into the EU amounted to as much as EUR 121 billion (USD 134 billion), which represents up to 6.8% of EU imports, against 5% of EU imports in 2013. Counterfeiting and piracy cause serious sales and revenue losses for companies, leading to direct and indirect job losses in the European Union and government revenue losses in EU Member States. It has a negative impact on the sales and profits of affected firms, as well as broader adverse effects on the economy as well as public health, safety and security.

ERA Europe urges the newly elected European bodies to increase their efforts in combating the imports of counterfeit goods in the European market.

Vera Nickel, Chair-Woman of ERA Europe Governmental Affairs Committee and HSE24 Vice President Media Law, Media Policy and Network Development: “Our members are committed to a high standard of products, providing an excellent customer service, building up consumer trust, investing in jobs. The sale of counterfeit goods via online marketplaces is undermining not only our efforts but also the consumer trust. This is why ERA Europe has just launched an action plan to fight against this and published a position paper for stepping up the efforts in this field.”

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