ERA GLOBAL is proud to present our Winners Database

The Multi-Channel community has chosen the companies and professionals who have demonstrated excellence in the growth of our industry in the previous year. See the full list below. We congratulate all the winners, the nominees and all the companies that are part of our industry, contributing to and consolidating year by year the success of our community.

Invictus One by Genius GmbH

The INVICTUS ONE 3.0e impresses with 120Watts of power and a feather-light and handy weight of 600gm

Joe Fowler ( Bulbhead - Telebrands )

Fowler is an American Television Host with over 20 year of experience reaching a variety of audience

BreadSmart by Tupperware(Andrew Malcher)

The campaign successfully addressed the timely issues of food wastage, rising food costs.

Hammersmith Multi Tool ( Mediashop - Mani Morshedz

Hammersmith Multi Tool: -clear, comprehensive and compelling explanation of product features

Thibault Frédérique (Epongenio - Best of TV)

This product is a double side sponge ( one side for scrubbing and one microfiber).1 Million set sold

Frédérique Thibault, Best of TV

This product is a small collectible backpack with stationery included. The company sold in 2021: 1M


The TVP team, along with Ontel and other suppliers, have created an innovative distribution method

INVICTUS ONE 2.0 by Genius GmbH

The INVICTUS ONE 2.0 is convinces with a new design, unique accessories and an even higher suction

Dr Michael Ho, DRTV ASIA

Dr Michael Ho is one of the best presenters in our industry. His passion, enthusiasm , lively spirit

Frédérique Thibault, BEST OF TV

The social media campaign for the new product Scunchmiez (toy category) had a reach of 108.421

SANKOM products show by Oksana Mazourik

SANKOM patented posture-correcting shapewear has become synonymous with being a top-selling product

Fantastic Floating Mop, by Telebrand

effectively and efficiently highlights all of the key features of the product in an exciting way

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