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Sergio Myers

CEO Surging Media

ERA is essential for everyone in the TV home shopping industry and is becoming increasingly important for anyone who sells online, particularly if video and product demonstration is part of your model.

Ken Daly


I’m always astonished and excited by the unique mix of thought-provoking speakers assembled by MCMS to advance industry thinking on the future of media and commerce.

Ben Keen

Analyst & Advisor - Technology, Media & Telecoms

The MCMS conference is particularly interesting and relevant in this time of change, where the borders between traditional TV Shopping, e-commerce and Social Selling are blurred. Anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of the future digital shopping landscape, how to capture best practices from the "old world" and transpose them into a successful and innovative recipe with a strong drive also in the future, would have a great starting point in attending the MCMS.

Mattias Bråhammar

Owner & Founder, MILAN | DIGITAL

Overall [the MCMS was] a very useful, informative, networked, interesting day, the topics of which I think will prove to be relevant in the coming years. I recommend to all executives to join and participate in this annual congress. - Former CEO HSE24, Board member HSE24 - MCMS panel member 2016

Dr. Konrad Hilbers

Senior Advisor - Ardian Equity Partners

With its impressive speakers, the MCMS is a "must-attend" for everybody in media and e-commerce who want to stay or be on top in the future in a fully digitised business environment with permanently increasing competition. ~ Organiser of the MCMS with ERA Europe

Dieter Brockmeyer

Chairman-Diplomatic Council's Global Media Forum

The MCMS is a great congress for anybody involved in multi-channel distribution who wants to make the most out of the changes that have been happening and still lie ahead of us. - MCMS panel member 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019.

Ina Bauer

Business Development & Media Manager - MediaShop Group

The exchange of knowledge and thoughts on digital developments and ideas with selected legal, technology and business experts from across Europe both in the panel discussions and also informally between sessions, were inspiring and provided new perspectives. ~ MCMS panel member 2016

Kristina Ehle

Partner-Morrison & Foerster LLP - Berlin, Germany

The MCMS congress is an ideal place to widen my perspective to areas that are usually not at the centre of public debate, but which are of significant importance to the audiovisual sector. - MCMS panel member 2016, 2018

Peter Matzneller

Consultant Legal & European Affairs - German Media

The MCMS annual conference should be attended by all professionals who want to establish themselves in the online retailing space and are interested in meeting people who are ahead of the curve. - MCMS panel member 2016, 2017, 2018

Emerald de Leeuw

CEO - EuroComply, Dublin

The MCMS Congress is a unique place to discuss how change impacts our industry. Speakers highlight what is going on and discuss what can be done to tackle those changes. The congress, therefore, offers a great opportunity to share best practices, discuss trends and ways to find competitive advantage. - MCM panel member 2016

Marie-Laure Barrau

Direct Response Consulting (DRC)

The MCMS was a nice mixture of different concepts and different people. It was good not just to look inwards but also looking out... and the venue was wonderful! - Global expert on Media & TV innovation - MCMS Panel member 2016, 2017

Richard Kastelein

Founder - Blockchain News, Blockchain Partners

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