Since June 2018, the structure of the industry has been in transition and ERA Europe clearly committed to focus 100% on maintaining the global industry structure. A first measure to act on this commitment was to organise the global communication to secure the Las Vegas event in 2018 and to keep the community together. Since then, we have opened our doors to acquire members from all over the globe and have been delighted to welcome new member companies from the APAC region (and look forward to welcoming many more in the near future). As part of the process of transitioning from ERA Europe to ERA Global, we are recreating the former 'Asian Committee' and will reshape it as the 'ERA Global APAC Chapter'.The scope of this chapter is: to promote and protect the interests of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry and its customers in the APAC region.

The inaugural meeting of this chapter will be held during the Multi -Channel Home Shopping Conference on Tuesday 18th June 2019 in Budapest. This first meeting will serve to establish communication, to learn and to understand the specific needs and to sharpen our association´s mission for the APAC region.
The APAC Chapter will be a forum

  • to exchange information and network
  • to expand and promote self-regulation
  • to organize specific educational sessions
  • to represent the industry with the official authorities
  • to attract more members (product suppliers and technology partners) from the APAC region to expand our network

We will regularly update you here on all news and developments regarding the APAC chapter activities.
Eastern ASIA recently opened up its boarders again for Traveling and released the COVID measures. We plan on restarting our activities there soon.